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Which strain from this list is good for me?


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Total noob. Have a 3x4x6 grow cabinet with a 600watt digi lamp and using RDWC for growing. Plenty of ventilation and all the gizmos.
I obviously want a high yielding like most of us but also need a newbie strain. I'm thinking of 2 plants to fill in my area with a scrog.
Here's my options as I can get these quickly and easily. Unless some one has some northern lights they want to get rid of?? Please help, I'm not sure which to get that'll fit me well. Norther lights is what I wanted but can't find any in the states.

Fire Og
Alien Og
Lemon skunk
Grape hash plant
Grape stomper
GS cookie sin mint
Sincity seeds
Casey jones
Voodoo star
Old school white widow
The sour series
The confidential series

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White Widow is what I would go with if I was in your shoes. I like the La confidential but not good for new growers and takes very long to flower.


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Thanks for the responses guys, nice to see the same one picked. So white widow is a good yielder but I guess I came across a few people that didn't have enough luck with it. Anyone want to share any personal white widow experience?

Thanks all!
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