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Which strain should i grow next?


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:Hookah:got 5 fem nypd's, and 5 fem PPP's. from nirvana.
took 96 hours from seed to weed..
i pre soaked soiless mix with kelp, tarantula and pirahna.
germed w/ spring water and kelp (bonide). 18 hours later they all sprouted.
folair with GO diamond nectar, and just started using earth juice grow and GO CalMag+. they're on day 8 and on their 2nd set of leaves 18/6.
400 watt ushio 7200k opti blue and 400 watt hps, 4- 6500k 26 watt cfl's w/ clamp reflectors for side light.
anyway wasnt expecting 10 plants. i also orded master kush, snow white, ak-48,and wonder woman from nirvana. this is my 2nd PPP grow but i only got 3 out of 5 last time.
im growing this strain for x-mas because it taste like sweet pine tree flavor.
i guess the other strains will have to wait till january due to space issues because the nypd grows tall. but im sure ill get a hermi or kill one.
which one should be grown next? im leaning towars the master kush and the
snow white. wonder woman supposted to be a high yeilder so is the ak-48. up to 3 oz per plant w/ 5 week veg. i got 3 ak's last time out of 5 and yeilded 5+ oz's on that grow. and was stoned for 2months. never tried kush. very curious to see what happen on that grow.
if i had a bigger grow room id grow all of them.
what do you think? my grow room is 4'x5'
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