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Which Strain To Choose!


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Hi Everyone,

I am new here so please correct anything I say wrong!

I have just joined this forum half way through my first grow, I am currently looking at planning my next grow and was wondering about strains, I have my indoor grow in a garage at the foot of my garden so I am looking for a strain which is lowish in odor and I am looking at scroggin as well and wondering if there is any strain which is more suitable for this than others?

I am not restricted on size as I will purchase a tent to what ever size is needed to scrog myself 4 plants,

Am I just being to picky or over thinking?

Any advice would be appreciated


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You can grow most strains with a SCROG screen, I prefer indica dominant plants.

Cheers any reason why you prefer indica plants or just personal preference?



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Shorter flowering times and Indica dominant strains control my pain better.

I see I actually didn't know that indica's have a shorter flowering time so learnt something new!

Cheers John.
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