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Which strains are suitable for a pc grow box?


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Hello everyone :)
I want to start a growing on a pc box (It's my first grow)
But I'm not sure which strains are suitable for such a small space
I must grow small strains like the Low Rider?
Or something like the White Widow will be good also?
Maybe there are different techniques for big and small strains?
If so, please send me a link to where I can learn about the different techniques

Thanks a lot


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Hi there hope all is well pic some thing like a indica or hybrid indica they grow fat and low and if you know a think or two about LST toping all this will help you with the small space. No need for a link its all here just type it in the search box on 420 there some nice videos on youtube for toping and all the sweet tricks i could talk to you all day about it but i find when you watch a video about it munch easy to process, And don't veg to munch as when you flower it was grow a little still and run out of room fast lol, Are you using CFL if so keep the lights super close and you'll be rocking let us know what your pick to start growing
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