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Whippersnapper Re-Veg: A Learning Process, 1st Attempt


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So it has begun...

This is something I've never done before, so I decided to document it. I'll be doing a grow journal about re-vegging which will be limited to:
1) growing from (NON-feminized) seed
2) flowering as quickly as possible with limited vegetative time
3) identifying and eliminating males ASAP
4) switching all remaining females back over to veg light cycle

I may also be practicing cloning those females but will most likely do that in another thread if I choose to go that route.

I will spare you the process of sprouting from seed. I'm sure you've seen seeds pop and grow some fan leaves before. I started them in a 50/50 water/hydrogen-peroxide mix until they popped open with a tap root and then put them in a soil mix (Fox Farm Happy Frog & perlite mix). I grew them for about 3 or 4 weeks until they got about 6 nodes of fan leaves.

Having never done this before, I was unsure of how quickly you could start to flower such a young plant. I usually grow for at least 3 months before flowering but wanted to give this a go instead of wasting time and nutrients growing males. I have seeds from my last crop and want a 100% female crop this time around WITHOUT feminized seeds.

Here are the first pics, these plants are about 3-4 weeks old and from this point I will be documenting the process:

Starting point (with and without LEDs on):
001 before reveg.png

002 before reveg.png

Some pics closer up of individual plants:
003 before reveg.png

004 before reveg.png

005 before reveg.png

006 before reveg.png

Some may be a little pale green on the newer growth, showing some low-level N deficiencies, I accepted this to a certain amount due to fast growth and the fact that some of these wont be making it (RIP) anyway. I will be dealing with the nutrient deficiencies after males are identified and during the 2nd veg cycle which will be quite a while....they will be cannabis bushes before harvesting. :ganjamon::yummy::ganjamon::yummy::ganjamon::yummy:
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After this starting point (see previous post), I changed the light cycle to 48hrs of dark to induce quicker budding as to not waste any time in showing their sex. These are some young, whippersnapper plants and I want to get the process going as quickly as possible. I plan on shaking my cane at the males as soon as possible and getting them off my lawn!!!!:nomo:

No pics are available of the 48hr dark period because I didn't want to interrupt the "light" cycle, but here is what they look like IMMEDIATELY after the dark cycle finished (and now on 12/12 light cycle):

009 after 48h dark.png

010 after 48h dark.png

As you can see, they are showing some N deficiencies. As previously mentioned I skimped on the nutrients the few days prior to this point, so that's to be expected.

All's well so far. Obviously, none are showing sex yet...

I measured them all at this point:

Top left: #3 = 17cm
Top middle: #2 = 19cm
Top right: #1 = 28cm
Bottom left: #6 = 23cm
Bottom middle: #5 = 19cm
Bottom right: #4 =23cm


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Flower day #1:

011 Flower Day 1.png

012 Flower Day 1.png

They got a light nutrient mix of Fish Fertilizer along with some Micronutrient/3 part NPK mix. This wasn't measured but I would assume came out to be about 3tsp/gal. The goal was to postpone some deficiencies without using too much nutrients. At this point, I'm not concerned much with the nutrient mix, mostly just filtered water.

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I'll pull up a chair, interesting to see how long it takes to see hairs, then how they do going back into veg

I've had timer issues during flower where they went into veg....but that wasn't fun at all....lol

Plants look happy


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I was also curious as to how quickly they would show sex, I've never really kept track before. I usually just sit back and let it do its thing but decided to go a bit more scientific from now on to make improvements and identify what I could be doing better.

More soon...


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Flower day #5, still none showing sex:

017 Flower Day 5.png

018 Flower Day 5.png

019 Flower Day 5.png

020 Flower Day 5.png

021 Flower Day 5.png

This pic shows a few holes in the leaves, any ideas what they are? I've been keeping a close eye on this one and it hasnt spread and there are no signs of any bugs/insects. I'm thinking over-fertilization or a deficiency? So far it hasn't spread on this plant either...


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Flower Day #6, first signs of sex in the plants!

A few tiny hairs showing from this female. Keeping an eye on for a few more days to ensure sex of all showing...
022 Flower Day 6 Hairs.png

No sex showing on this one...
023 Flower Day 6 None.png

No sex showing on this one either...
024 Flower Day 6 None.png

This one seems to be a male, showing some balls on the internode...keeping an eye on it...
025 Flower Day 6 Balls.png

A close up of the possible male balls on the middle internode near the top of the pic..
026 Flower Day 6 Balls close.png


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Flower Day #8: The last plant showed its sex. Congrats, its a female!!

Total: 2 males, 4 females!
I took some pics and removed the males from the garden.
After the pics I kept the lights on 24hrs and moved to an 18hrs on/ 6hrs off light schedule.

031 Flower Day 8 hairs.png

032 Flower Day 8 hairs.png

033 Flower Day 8 hairs.png

034 Flower Day 8 balls.png

035 Flower Day 8 balls.png

036 Flower Day 8 balls.png

...and now, some CLOSE UPS!!! (I cant believe putting a jewelers loupe up to a camera works)

037 Flower Day 8 balls close.png

038 Flower Day 8 balls close.png

040 Flower Day 8 hairs close.png

041 Flower Day 8 hairs close.png


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Next up: Pics after the 24hrs of light cycle on the morning of the re-veg cycle...

To keep it short and simple, I'll post some more pics of the re-veg cycle to document the process of the genetic females going through the re-veg process and POSSIBLY some a few months down the line if any hermies appear.

As of now, the genetic males have been identified and removed. Re-veg started with the females and the veging process continues!
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