White Cookies

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Just germinated 2 days ago and they already sprouting tiny roots lol, im very excited how it looks soon im gonna post pics soon but tomorrow afternoon i think they ready to be in the soil.:thumb::yahoo:
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hey so ive been busy lol but my seedlings are amazing and they look amazing too thanks KING :thanks: they are 2 weeks and 2 days old and they are ready to be transplanted soon enough and then im posting more as soon as i transplant them and put up my hps bulbs this grow season is going to be A.OK :thumb:
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This was taken 2 days ago and it was 3 weeks and 2 days old and this friday would be 4 weeks im sooooooo excited and they look fantastic, hail to the crop king seeds :goodjob::thumb::Namaste::thanks::420::tokin:
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Sup fellas, just kickin it while my ladies grow beautiful and being happy, this will be week 4 or 1 month from seedling now time to start veggin the ladies until maybe 14 inch or more until my scrog technique for the flowers :thumb::Namaste: gonna post pics of topping and fimming and also trimming but hope you people enjoy the photos soon because the beginning just has started ! Enjoy ;):3::woohoo:
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Helllooo everyone happy Friday the 13th lol hope those campers are having fun hehe, anyway this is week 5 from seedling or week 1 of vegging, and they are looking fantastic still except a few mites which Im going to go ham on with mighty wash but everything is gonna be ok, they are still a bit low so im going to feed it with "grow big" by fox farm Nutes on my next watering which will be tomorrow and she should be good to go hope you enjoy these pics so far fellas and any tips would be lovely because im waiting on the two roots to shoot out a little so i can start the LST training all and all happy growing to everyone :circle-of-love::love::smokin::allgood:
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Topppings are doing successfully :thumb: looking healthy green and cant wait till friday to see the end results and they are thrivinggg after i fed them last saturday, :MoreNutes::roorrip::roorrip: Cheers to all and happy growing for everyone thanks for watching my thread people please do share or like or give a thanks for this posts and pics Enjoy !:bong::peace::51::goof::tokin:
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Hey everyone this photo was taken yesterday and now it is week 2 of vegetative stage and i give her a trim up and boy do they look phenomenal :drool: im going to buy nutes soon to boost them with growth after 2 more weeks of growing but enjoy fellas ^^
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thanks man :Namaste: i appreciate it man cause im going to use the leaves as a juicer and to study for healthier and experiencing to educate more about marijuana itself and there is an actual recipe where a juice can get you high up to 10 hours straight with pre mature plants or vegetative plants, im having good theories about what this plant can actually do if we all look in deeper, kinda like spiritual thing i guess ya know ^^? but all and all thanks man cause im very looking forward on what she looks like when the buds are popppinnn :slide: if you want to know the recipe search on youtube called " how i got high for 10 hours on raw cannabis leaves" if your not already hop about it lol but happy growing my friend :high-five:
Looking good fella!

I grew white cookies last time round. You will certainly enjoy the final product :)

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