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White mold on soil


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Hey guys,

I started my new grow 2 weeks ago. Earlier today I saw tiny little white molds on soil. It looks like perlite in soil but its definately mycelium since it smells like mushroom. I also used to cultivate mushrooms in same room but the birthing chamber for mushrooms is completely dry for almost 5 months. Maybe there is a contamination from this chamber but I had 2 harvest with the same setup.

I have no photos of the molds since I paniced out and cleared the moldy area with a spoon. I am planning to dry the soil for 2 or 3 days first thing. I am using Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice - B52 and Connoisseur. Voodoo juice may contain some bacteria but not fungi. If I use some antifungal solution I won't kill Voodoo Juice. Still I am not sure about using some antifungal solutions.

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Lester Freeman

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There is an avid co-evolution between plants and fungus. Not all fungi are bad, especially in soil. Mycorrhizae for example, live in symbiosis with the plant roots providing mutual exchange of benefits. If it weren't for fungi, plant evolution would probably not have been nearly as prolific. So my point, don't panic. Just because there is a soil fungus, that does not mean it's a type of fungus that can grow prevalently on the plant leaves, stems, or buds.

If it worries you, you can spoon it off and let the soil dry out better between waterings.


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I know not all molds are bad. I use Mycorrhizae products in flowering. The thing is it is happening for the first time. After some research I think I can handle this mold. Soil is almost dried and tomorrow I will sprinkle some ground cinnamon on soil. People say cinnamon is great to overcome remaining spores. I hope the mold can't last after dried soil. I will share results.
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