White Rhino - Lemon Skunk - Super Silver Haze 29/5/09


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day 2 from seed

hope for good
Damn!! i just cam from work and i notice thet on from my 3 new grow was dry little bit and folded .
so first thing i water them not to mach just antil they moist and the one thet do me a problem i make an support by piece of plastic.
is she well be fine?
i start new seed if samthing well be happen Damn its bother me.
the new one is -arjan's strawbeir haze
what do you think guys ?
get a pic up, just be sure not to overwater, watering every 4-5 days should be about right, stick your finger in the soil, if its dry all the way to your top knuckle it's time to water!
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