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White root small bulb


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I am a week into planting purple haze. After I planted it the root was showing but not sprouting so i re planted it and watered it. Does that seem right? the root was all white with a little green bulb, I am hoping the root didnt die and anyone that can help or shed light I would appreciate it alot. Since it didnt sprout that is why i replanted it . Thank you


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I would have gave it more time to popup and messing around with a seedling that is fragile is never a good idea.Hope you didn't pay too much for the seed.There are alot of tutorials on sprouting seeds on this forum,I would suggest you read one a follow it to a T.Still give it some time and see if you can salvage it.Hope this helps.


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ok a little green bulb, would actually be the head of the plant so that should be above soil after planting.

i think the best thing you can do when planting a seed is soak it in water over night, plant it in soil, keep it warm (25c) and leave it alone, it will germ or it wont. =)
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