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hey, first time hydro grower here. growing for personal use and rather excited about it. I recently purchased White Russian Fem seeds and got 5 free Afhani seeds. I also started bagseed about a week prior to germing the WR and AFG. I thought I would practice for a week with bagseed. if i fuck it up no real big loss.
Now here is what i am using
2x 14 Gal Roughneck bins
5 in net pots
mix of hydroton and smooth pebbles
dollar store home made cfl lamp and reflector.
2x 4 26w 5000k cfl
2x 1 42W 2700K cfl
4 WR Feminized seeds
2 Afgani seeds
3 bagseeds
Nutes: Botanicare CN17 grow, bloom, ripe
small fan (for now)
bathroom exhaust fan (coming soon)
pics to come.

home made from the dollar store. baking pan, zip ties, 6 outlet power strip, plug outlets and y site outlets. 20 bones with the lights.
now i kinda got ahead of myself. The plants that are growing now are 9 days from seed. 2 are doing well and the other looks like it got burned. I don't think it was the nutes because i only used 33% botanicare cn17 grow per gal. bubbles are going well. temp in the room fluctuates between 79-86 degrees. haven't checked water temp.
I started 4 white russian fem seeds in ready grow plugs, 2 have dropped roots that i can see. also started 2 afghani which have both shown roots. awaiting roots to break through the grow plugs so that i can start them to hydro. toying with the idea of LST or scrog. However I think I may have too many plants in a small area to scrog. I am having alot of fun with this so far.
sorry, been unable to update this thread. my bagseeds got burned by the nutes a little. so i put them back to ph'd RO h20 and the burning stopped. will restart the nutes next monday. in the meantime I will let them chill. I started my 4 white russian fem seeds on the 27th of sept. they are doing well. put them in the large hydro bin yesterday. will start them on nutes next Monday with the others. added another light fixture last night. really adds good coverage.

2 Afghani seedlings

4 White Russian seedlings

Bagseed plants are coming along nicely, recovered from nute burn

light setup, added the middle lights last night.
well this grow kinda took a turn. I was having terrible results with DWC. Couldn't get the temps low enough and the plants were suffering. I spent alot of money on good seeds and I didn't want to wait and watch them die. So I went back to old reliable SOIL.

So... The Above were all the transplanted to soil on 10/08. OOOOHHHH and they responded. I felt all the stress lift off my shoulders and I got that feeling of having fun again. no stress.... Just growing the KIND BUD

THE 2 AFGHANI'S 10/15/10


THE 3 LST'D BAG LADIES 10/15/10, I have cut back alot of the big fan leaves on this to encourage those low nodes to grow big. It's hard cutting leaves off the new plant but they took it like a champ and are responding with vigorous undergrowth.

And this is what I smoke with. $40 bones at the local headshop.
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