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White Russian Grow with Flowering Clones


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Hello everyone. These grow journals are so addicting!! I just love to show everyone what I have going on, as I love to see what everyone else has going on. Ill get right to the point.
My flowering clones were taken on day 22 from the bottom branches of my White Russian plants. Clones were only taken off of the female plants so I only have female clones. I used Olivias cloning gel and put the clones in rockwool, in a clone dome, under a 125W floro. The clones rooted in 14 days, and I transplanted them into 1 gallon pots with fox farm ocean forrest soil.
So as of today, the clones are on day 21. I have not seen any new growth yet, but I have been told that it will take a few weeks to start again. How do the clones start to grow once they do re-veg. It looks like a few of the plants are starting to stretch towards the light. Is this a first sign of growth?
Today I am putting the plants under a 400W MH so hopefully they will get some good lumens and grow strong straight from the beginning. Today I am 27 days away from harvest, so hopefully these should be around 15-18 inches by then, so I can start flowering them right when I pull the others out.
For nutes I will be using Fox Farm Grow Big and probably a little Big Bloom in a couple of weeks. Once flowering starts, I will be using FF Tiger Bloom, as well as AN Carboload and all 3 products from Humboldt County's line:purplemaxx, Bushmaster and Gravity. I am probably going to use a few plants as experiments to try out the different nutrients.
I also plan to take some clones for future mothers off of 2 of the plants, #'s 3 and 4.(The numbers of the clones are 1,3,4,5 and 10, 3 clones from each initial plant)



These are the pics I took from them already. Ill take a few more later. :peace:


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roots look really good. I would say you should definately see some growth in the next week or 2. Keep an eye out for some mutant growth at first. A couple of us here on the site have tried cloning flowering plants and ended up having strange 1 finger fan leaves. I myself tried it and didn't like it to much. It took along time for them to take off and my success rate wasn't as good as cloning vegged plants. Good luck, keep us posted. I wanna see if you get the 1 finger fan leaves too.


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Ok, so last night I got rid of my 125W floro and replaced it with a 250W MH. I also clicked some pics of the new set up. While I was clicking the pics I realized that the clones are growing and puting out 1 blade fan leaves at the top. All the upper leaves on all the clones used to all be yellow, but now the uppers are very green and just 1 blade, so I have a feeling they are about to enter the veg stage. Just in time, under the light. The light is just 12 inches above the plants. Pics are awaiting approval. :peace:


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Here are the pics that I took earlier today...

These are all my nutes...vegging is left pretty much all to the Ocean Forrest Soil. I might give them some 1/4 Grow Big solution after 30 days in the soil. This is going to be a very experimental grow, as I will be feeding different plants differently and record their reactions. I want to find out the best way to feed these russians.
I will also be topping probably 1 of every pheno to see how they react. I want to get everything down to a t with these plants.


Here is the set-up with the white poster board set up for reflection. There are 2 fans on one side moving the air of the light. Its pretty much 75 F everywhere.


Gives you a good idea of how they are looking. I just checked them and lots of them are bright, healthy green.


Here is a close up. You can see all the new leaves with green growth. It almost looks like they are trying to finish flowering, they look frosted with resin.

I am going to transplant the 3 on the right to bigger containers. You can already see roots out the bottom.

Things are looking nice. Cant wait to flower these bad bitches!


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Lots of things have happened in this grow since the last post. I added another light to the grow area. I now have a 250W MH and a 125W CFL covering a 24x48 inch area. The plants are getting way more light now so they should have some great growth. I think I counted 11 out of 15 that were showing bright green new growth. I just took some pictures and they are awaiting approval.

I also got 2 gift NYCD plants today from a friend. Very healthy too. They have not been flowered yet so I dont know the sex, im hoping for a male so I can breed and a female for a mother. They were so big, I tried to lst them and snapped both of them, but both will be fine. I got the top of each plant as a clone and I might flower them to find the sex. That is still undecided. You will see what I am talking about when I post the pics. Until then, Im out.

Peace :peace:


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Here are the pics...

MH on left with WR clones under and Floro on right with the 2 diesel plants(from seed).




Pictures of the flowering clones reveging. Tomorrow they are on day 28 from cut.


One Diesel from a friend, the clone from the top of this one should survive. I plan to LST this one to keep it short.


The other tallest diesel. It was snapped but will survive since I am supporting it. I plan to LST this one as well. They all look healthy. Going to need to give this girl some grow big tomorrow as some of her lower leaves are yellowing.

Some clones are well on their way to vegetation as they are growing faster and faster!

Ill hit yall back. Peace!!


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they all look nice and healthy. too bad that one snapped but she looks like she is going to make it.was it a clean break or did you put any type of gel on it?

Yeah, its too bad it snapped but it will and has been recovering. It was a clean break, so I just put that bamboo stick in there to tie it to and its repairing itself, no gel or anything. Got some new pics to show, some are well into reveg growth while others are still re-vegging.


Diesel #1. The shorty...


Diesel #2. The biggun...


Just some top growth. This plant is drinking water like its a job!


Diesel leaf...looks very indica


The 15 Russians under the 250 MH.


How I have my 2 Diesel clones goin right now. They are like 7 days rooting or something...


The two diesel clones...the left is from #1 and the right #2. I know #2 looks dead...I took it about 30 minutes after the stem had snapped, but as soon as possible. It was hanging to the bottom of the dome but now it is looking better. Both look good now, and I should see root growth soon. These are going to be flowered for sex.

Now some reveged clones...




And then the whole set up

Probably gonna start LST'n em once they get a little bit bigger. I might be getting a 600W light for this grow or I might stay with the 1000. Much is still to be decided. Cant wait to see these grow to full potential!!

Im out for now, peace!!


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Just a little update...

Growth is coming along. It is quite slow, and I believe its better to just wait and let the plants get bigger in veg before you flower and take the clones then, before flowering. I will definately not do this route again.

But none the less, the plants are growing. You can tell that they are struggling to return to the veg state, but the are stretching buds, basically. Its very interesting to watch. There are a few that jumped ahead in the beginning, and they will mostly be held as mothers. I will be keeping mothers from my #3,4,5 and 10, the others will be flowered, 11 of them. Should be a good grow.

Ill put some pics on here soon.

Peace! :439:


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Things are coming along quite slowly. I was hesitant in giving nutes with the fox farm soil but I think I waited a little too long, the plants started getting yellow and getting spots on the leaves...I guess I waited too long, but they are now getting 1/2 strength nutes and everything is looking better.

The 2 diesel clones above have rooted and been flowered for sex. The shorter diesel is a female and the taller snapped one is a male. That is the ideal situation, cause I can now flower the female, take a clone for a mother and use the male to mate with the white russians to get seeds.

I have also germinated 10 seeds and taken 4 clones off of the female diesel. So its looking like I will be flowering around 25 plants or so next time...probably less and I will weed out the weaker ones. I will probably start flowering in about three weeks or so.

I will post pics soon, Im just way too lazy at the moment. This White Russian takes all the motivation out of you, but in a good way...Im flying now off of one bowl. And to think that all of my plants had some seeds, next time its gonna be so much better.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I have about 150 seeds now, about 100 WRxBB seeds and 50 WR weeds. I will plant a good bit of the crossed seeds next time around and try to get a desireable pheno for the WRxBB, and work for a WRxDiesel in the future.


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Ok, Im finally getting these pictures posted, and they were taken on the 9th.
Things have changed since alot in that little time and Ill try to get another update on here before I go on my holiday trip. Ill be gone from the 21st to the 27th.

Here are the pics:

The diesel on the right, it is a female. all the others are WR clones.




These are some of the clones, I think its a nute deficiency that they are showing cause I gave them no nutes for the first month and a couple of days. Now I am feeding them with 3/4 tsp every other watering.


This is the female diesel, I have recently taken 4 clones from her and transplanted her to a bigger pot. She will be flowered.


This is the big male...I took a clone off of him and then chopped him. His pollen will be used for breeding down the road when I flower the clone.


These are the 10 seeds I have started. Thanks JS. I started them in rockwool and then transplanted them straight to the Ocean Forrest soil. They are now working on their third set of leaves.


Here are the clones I took from the 2 diesels. The one on the right is from the male, he was chopped. The girl on the left is now revegging with all the other revegging clones.

I will take more pics tomorrow and get them posted. Till then, enjoy these pics.


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Thanks you guys, "Batgirl" is a great name for her...or maybe was is a better way to put it. I took clones off of the top of both the branches, so now she is a lot bushier, still super healthy. I actually have 17 clones in my clone dome right now!

I think this journal title should be changed to "DIY Hydo, and soil Diesel and West Coast Funk"(dont know the name so thats what I am callin them...the were gift seeds). Thats right, I made a DWC Hydro system today, took pictures to make a tutorial and they are awaiting approval. I think I will be putting the revgged clones under the other veg lights while I flower the hydro and soil plants. I think they could use a good deal of recuperation time before I flower them again.

Ill post the pics as soon as approved. Thanks, peace guys! :439:
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Ok, well here are the pics from when I made the Hydro DWC system. These are all the products and their prices that were used...
-55L storage bin with lid 4.97
-Air pump 7.32
-Air wand 4.68
-Air line for the pump and wand 2.78
-Glue 4.97
-Water pump 13.99
-Water pump tubing .59
-Kilz Spray Primer 3.64
-Kilz Black Spraypaint 3.42

Total $ spent for one- 46.36...not to bad

Here are the pics

Here is the top, I cut 8 holes for the mesh pots


A picture of the tub itself


First I wanted to see how many gallons the res. would be. I filled the bin with 10 gallons of water. This is how far the water line will be from the bottom of the cup if there are 10 gallons. Works for me.


I wanted a light tight box, so I spraypainted it black...but first, a few coats of primer.


And now black...I did the lid too.


And now for the inside of the tub. You can see the water pump and the airstone. The water pump has a hose that will drain the res. when it is time to change the water. I will also be able to fill a cup to water the rockwool if it gets dry.


A closer shot at the inside


Complete, now all we need is some plants and some water and were rollin.

Now for plants...

Here are the west coast funk seedlings...around 10 days


A seedling


Clone dome, I think they will all make it


The diesel lady, gettin bushy!


And now a top shot of of the diesel lady. Cant wait to see what she produces.

Thats all for now, I leave in the morning for a week, so I wont be able to be back on most likely. Happy holidays everyone, peace out. Ill post again when I get back! Later!:439:


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Looking awesome berry, gonna be an interesting show! Will def be watching...
"west coast funk":439: I love it!!

Hope you have somebody to babysit your ladies while you're out:smoke2:
lol, If I were only closer..... but I'm sure you've got it covered.
Happy Holidaze bro....
This tokes for you:bong:


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I appreciate it man, my GF will be watching over them, thanks for the toke, I wont be able to smoke for a week, oh shit, I guess Ill just be drinking alot!!

Yeah, I figured West Coast Funk would be a good name based on what Ive seen!

The hydro system showed above will be used for vegging 8 of the clones above. I am going to make 2 more systems, same style, but with 4 plants instead of 8, so they have more root room.

I do have an internet connection at the hotel, so I wont be totally absent. Im out for now, be back later. Peace!! :439:
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