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White Russian

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hello everyone, sorry if this is message is hard to read, im editing it off my iPhone. Just joined the forum and new to all this. Currently this year i have been growing some White Russian, what's know to my knowledge of this seed. I was wondering if anyone can give me heads up on your thoughts of my baby :) first time effort, ive looked after her well, and shes had plenty of iguana nutes! 3 weeks into flowering i suspect, i will be uploading more images. She's grown outdoors in the uk, and was planted in April. She maybe a little heavy here as i had to take her out of some harsh Gail force winds and a heavy downfall, realised she was turned over when i came home :( so if shes a little droopy shes just a little heavy. Thanks!!!! And respect to the fellow growers! I'll repost some pics every week.
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Very good for a first try....... (Beautiful,in fact)

You might be pretty damn good at this....
thanks man i appreciate it. I put in the effort to do my research so if i encounted any problems it was easy to fix! Luckily shes done really well and not had much trouble, apart from under and over watering which was easily fixed. Made sure i had my grow and bloom nutes in at the right time. I can't wait to see the end product!


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Awesome lady you got there. She's a beaut.
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Here's some new images for you people :)
I'll be posting when she's harvested!
And this is still on going, I'm guessing nearly 50 days into flowering,
in which she's still going strong and wanting to flower
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She's a little wet though there, plus she's on a slant which is my bad.
I think she's doing pretty okay, as I say, it's my very first grow, and if there are leaves in the picture,
I've just done a late trim for all the less developed bud's that are going to be personal.


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Looking great man! Some primo smoke
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thanks man, I did my best to bring out the best possible results!.
I just wish I was in a country where sun was still shinning, I guess atleast I'll still be looking at a few oscars.
Happy with my first ever try anyway. I think with the experience and knowledge of the strain, she could of been a massive bloomer, but then again, this seed was from a random white russian bud. So untechnically speaking I had no clue how it was going to grow. As long as i've got plenty of smoke, i'm happy, in which i've already pulled off a nice amount of smoke :) just waiting for the mother stems to finish their work!
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It's a late one i tell thee. Still got about quater of it out, still growing. Not quiet died off yet so I'm going to leave it another few days. But in those two pictures are different parts. The top cone has already been dried and started its curing! :)