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White Russian?


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1st grow in Hydro and I cant decide on which strain to choose, but my top 3 choices are:
White Widow
or maybe a NL x

Saw a strain the other day called white russian(WW x Ak-47), and it sounds wonderful but Im not sure if it would be worth it. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the strain and could give me their opinion.


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I'm not a grower, but I can tell you you'll be most happy with the effect / potency of the White Widow :peace:


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Thanks for the advice. As for traits looking for plants with a good yield but grow more bushy than tall. Along with a strong high.


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Now that I think about it smell is also a factor, I know any plant is going to have some kind of scent but I read about the White Russian:
" These seeds produce plants that are fantastic in both appearance and effect. Our most typically indica strain, White Russian is a stable cross of AK-47 and White Widow (a prize winning indica clone). Medium height, consistent plants and dense, very resinous flower tops (crystals appear after about 5 weeks of flowering). With such a strong indica background, the plants smell quite strong during both their growth and flowering period. In an independent seed comparison in which over 150 different seedstrains were grown out in a greenhouse, the White Russian came out as the strongest plant (22% THC, likely to be the strongest plant known at present!!).

The plants yield very powerful buds, coated with resin.
Very strong, long lasting high, more cerebral than knockout. Medicinal plant."

Type: mostly indica
Indoor clone grow time: 5 - 10 days
Indoor flowering time: 56- 63 days
Indoor yield: 350-500 grams/m2
Outside/ Greenhouse harvest time;
15-31 October

Havent read about the NL yet but scratch the ak-47 & WW cross. So now Im looking for:
Good Yield
Good High
Low Odor
Resistant to Bugs
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