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White Shark Grow 3000k/4000k Quantum Rig


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Here we go again guys I'm starting my second grow its 3 cuts from this amazing white shark strain that a friend saved seeds from years and years ago he was nice enough to give me them so this time I'm going to do the justice!

4x4 apollo tent
6inch ipower exhaust with filter
4inch intake no filter yet
Homemade dwc 3gal bucket and 5 gall
Also running a 3 gal hydrofarm bucket as dwc
I've veg these for about a month and a half to 2 months

Quantum rig 1, 240w kit pushed to 300w 3000k
4000k 100w hlg board in the center
Initiator pucks are getting added next week
I'm goin to build a 1x1 square tube aluminum frame.

This tent is supposed to be my veg tent but the 5 gal dwc got so big I had to put the separating wall up and use the 3x3 side to flower the 5gal alone I'm using 450w/260w actual full spectrum cob with far red cree this light actually works very well for a box light and a 1500/300w actual full spectrum white light Chinese cob box.

I also made an aero cloner it's on the veg side of the 3x4 with a 30w sansi blub perfect early veg light.

I'm using the full fox farm line again but with the hydro grow version,terpinator,super thrive,calmag and great white myco liquid.

I'm kind in shock how big the 5gal got I accidentally chopped her in half about a month and a half into veg from a stupidly positioned light that fell on her and I just ran with it took off half the plant but it grew back so good just look at it lol

Well that's the run down now its time to make some fire medicine any and all constructive criticism is welcome!


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Heading into week 2 of flower more upgrades came in. I just put up 1 of the far red initiator pucks super dim but I guess it doesnt matter supposedly 2 is all you need for a 4x4 to help them wake up and fall asleep faster.

Besides that the girls are loving the new light setup idt I've came in once where they were not praying and reaching for the light super happy with the quantum boards..



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There’s an older article from CA Lightworks that talks about shade stretch response, so I only run my initiators (same ones you have) for like 20 mins.

“Also, a higher ratio of far-red to red than found in sunlight can trigger the shade stretch response- where a plant when sensing it is shaded based on an elevated ratio of far-red to red- will stretch to try to elevate its canopy above its competitors. This is why too much far-red is not advised if compact plants are desired, or in general.”



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Man do I love hydro I cant believe how much faster these girls are stacking I had to turn down the quantum boards I was getting some bleaching on leaves so I did lux readings just to be in the ball park and it was way high I had them kinda low also so back up to 21" they seem to be fine now.

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