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White Widow Quadline 450W Nyx May 2019


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My setup-

Pro-mix hp
450W Burple light
Future Harvest 3part Nutrients + cyco silica
Clone was started March 22nd in a 1 gallon pot, cutting was taken off of my original first grow's Canuk White Widow.

I vegged the cutting from 1 inch under a 10 watt A19 generic 5000k LED. The LED was kept 1 inch from the canopy and when the new growth wasnt warped I removed everything besides the two growth tips under the top and allowed those to grow out then topped again to create a quadmanifold. The ends have been tied down as they grow to create a flat canopy.

Day 1 flower

Placed in grow room, defoliated all fan leaves besides on the original tops and flipped to 12-12.



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I'm pulling up a chair for this one. I need to learn more about training.
Here is a few non-burple pictures for you. Dont mind the little blueberry runt I snuck in next to it im trying to get balls on it with colloidal silver so I can get a few feminized bluewidow seeds off one of my branches.



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Did you attempt a quadline on your first grow?
The first grow I kind of did, but it wasnt direct manifolding. I just topped and left two nodes with branches so 4 total branches but all off the stalk. This time its 4 branches but off two pieces stalk and the same node height. They also grew vertically last time, this time every branch is trained flat so all my buds will be the same height.


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Day 23
My phone was so blurry on the back camera I couldnt see anything. Man the front camera is so much better.
These buds going to get decently big? im using 1400ppms of flower mix now. Humidity is 44 and temps stay at a steady 24c. Have a feeling i shouldve let this veg out a bit longer. Worried those arent going to grow into the long buds I thought they would.

Looking good @KingNyx
Nice buds developing
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