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White Widow Question


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Growing some white widow and looking for someone that has experience with this strain.

Completed 8 weeks of 12/12...Plants look good.
I have a cool environment...no more than 75 "day" and 60 "night".

I have no amber trichomes at this point but the buds look like they are ready. Since I have no experience with this strain I was looking for some feedback. Funny, from the same seed batch I have one or two plants that look ready but one is still maturing and looks very different. Anyway...I was just looking to have a conversation about this stain.

If someone could tell me how to get a pic in this post, I'll upload one of the subject in question.


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Hi Grizzly Bear,
I am growing White Widow, would be great to see pics of your buds so we can see how fat they are.
Here's how to upload/resize pics

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

I believe I went a full 9 weeks, if not closer to 10 before getting some amber trichs. I vegged almost 2 months though.
How long was your veg?
I love the smoke, very nice relaxing high. And the smell and taste are very nice too.

I also had one that looked very different. Gangly and thin leaves. The buds were entirely different than the others. Spiky looking on the pistils. Is yours Nirvana seeds?


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That looks awesome GrizzlyBear. Look at all that sugar! Great picture!
I found that I had to go the maximum time, which was 9-10 weeks of flowering. You will want to decide what percentage of amber you want to see for different results in high.

You may find this post interesting and informative on that aspect:

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As I sit here, vaping a bowl of White Widow what do I find ? A thread about her. Don`t remember any problems during the grow. Got her sister growing right now. Link to journal below. Canna`s suggestion is worth checking out.

Pictures of 1st WW in "Over 50 Club"
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I decided to start harvesting certain plants. The bud you saw was more like a D cell battery in thickness and very heavy. I don't know about you but I never end up harvesting all of a plant at once unless its outside and I have to. So I usually cut a bud every couple of days as they mature. I try not to shock the plants.

By the way. These were from clones so my times may be shorter than yours. I only vegged two weeks.


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Just posting a follow up. At 9 1/2 weeks still no noticable amber trichomes, perhaps this was due to the cool growing environment. Harvested all and everything is kick ass!
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