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WhiteTigerNews: Fukushima Cover-Up


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Just check this links, will ya?

Its for the better; no, its for the GOOD world!

Not anymore evil world..

I am from Finland. And our gov almost killed me in my own home couse of my Fukushima activism.

I cannot say this deeply enough: this whole planet is at the stake of life and death.

If this shit gets loose: and its no piracy, since the plutonium, uranium amounts are well known how much is there;

the whole fucka-a-villy is smoking hot still, there is always coming smoke and couple weeks ago it was burning in the middle of the night!

The melted fuel rods will not go away! Just like the nuclear waste isnt going anywhere.

Here the problem is, that the fuel rods have MELTED into a pond of lava, which has grinded itself in 2013 already into groundwater.

Now TEPCO is saying "sorry" couse they are going out of room so they spill about 100 000 litres: everyday, direct to the sea:


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