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Who do I contact?


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I am 44 and have had Ankylosing Spodylitis since i was 17. I moved from Southern California to southern Illinois eight years ago and my disease has progressed and I am growing for medication. I don't want to stay here any longer risking my freedom because I grow. I have no choice but to become a marijuana refugee I am on permanent disability and I need help to contact some people for help or advice. I am healthy enough that I think I could take on at least a good part time job and I have the skills (pics and work) to back it up I spent 16 hours a day learning and reading and I listen to the Dude Grows Show and hash church every Sunday. I read while I'm on the toilet, I read as I'm ashamed to admit while I drive because I'm addicted to learning but I am focused on this like a laser for the last three years and I need help. I have no felonies and I have my own transportation I'm willing to relocate to Colorado or California. I'm thinking I need to be in touch with some Cannabis advocacy group (tried local normal lol) or legal guidance/advice/help for relocation and possible employment.
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