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Who else is running CMH lighting?


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Hey guys and gals,
I just wanted to share with you how happy I am with my CMH lighting. I am a new grower and recently moved my vegging ladies under my new 315 Watt CMH with a 3000K bulb. They were previously vegged under four 48" Sunblaster T5's.
The growth since the switch has been very noticeable. I'm going to veg for one more week and flip to flower time.
As far as power and heat are concerned well... they are not really a concern. I'm only using 99 Watts more than I was with my T5's and the growth is incomparable to say the least. Also the heat is not near as hot as a 600 Watt HPS.
As for the appeal of the 315. Spectrum and wattage. They are comparable to a 600w as far as penetration goes and they have a fuller spectrum, meaning healthier plants and tons of resin production due to the UV rays they have.

I found this video and thought I would share it as well.

Anyone else running CMH lighting? If so what are your experiences?


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I just replaced my 400w HPS with CMh and so far, so good.
Still some heat produced but not near as much.
Be careful not to get plant too close.
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