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Who has the cheapest lights?


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Okay I'm looking for a 400w hps system and I wanna know if there are anyplaces that sell em dirt cheap? I recently found one on eBay for $150 shipped, which includes bulb, reflector, and ballast.

Oh and are the systems w/ the ballast seperate from the reflector better than the ones with it all built as one piece?



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the ones that come all in one piece,
also weigh about a million pounds...something the store neglected to tell me.

when your trying to raise or lower one by yourself it can be a pretty serious problem.

especially if you dropped your v hook and cant reach it, and yet you have a million pound light balanced in your other hand. and then your just kinda stuck and no one is ever there to yell for help.

i really hate that light lol


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Thanks a bunch peeps, I did find it @ HTG for $138 shipped and that ain't bad.
Anyone know who sells the cheapest HPS bulbs cause I need a 150w HPS w/ a MED base. The lovely United States Postal Service decided to literally destroy my package and all its contents, but hey it got her in 3 days or less!!!:hmmmm:
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