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Hello all stoners, potheads, and blazers, I'm feeling good today. How about you? :smoke2: As the title said, marijuana, has made me who I am today, and I am proud of it. I tried fitting in with the skaters, but I can't skate, I tried fitting in with the nerds, but I'm not really a homework-doing kind of guy, and I tried not fitting in, but that didn't really work. Then came marijuana, with open arms, and a loving embrace. :439: And here I am today, a proud stoner, true to my weed. Do I grow? Unfortunately, no, I don't have the room in my apartment, or the knowledge of how to, but I'm sure it's plastered all over the internet somewhere. Do I use Cannabis for medicine? Yeah, like the commercial says, depression hurts, and after a nice bong rip, all those feelings, seem to go up in smoke. :51: Do I have medicinal Marijuana in my province? We do, but I personally don't. Do I own anything made from Hemp? Yep, a hemp-plastic grinder. :smokin: Am I politically active in the movement to legalize Cannabis? No, I live in Ontario, and the current legal status is like this: not illegal, but not legal. 10g Or less on your person, 2 or less plants without evidence of intent to distribute. WARNING: Any more than 10g/2 plants will be seen as distribution/cultivation and will have charges to suffer. But if we legalized it, it would have to be taxed. So thanks, but I like it how it is here. :31:

My name is John, and I am a proud pothead! :yummy:
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