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Who Let The Dogs Out? Chem Comparison Grow!

The Bard

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Hey everyone!

A few of us have been talking on another thread about starting up a new comparison grow, and this first post is just to gauge interest, and have a place to start ideas flowing.

The basic idea is for all of us to grow some kind of ChemDog strain. It can be one of the originals, like Chem '91, or one of the newer varietals or hybrids. For example, I am thinking trying DinaChem auto. Just needs to have some Chem in it.

Any growing medium, any set up - the more variety the better. The goal is just to explore the world of Chem, learn from each other, maybe find a new cultivar for your wish list, and most important to have fun!

Targeting a seed-drop date any time between August 1 through the end of September, at least for the first wave. But folks can feel free to join in later, if that works better for schedules. Just comment on this thread if you might be interested, and start sharing your plans. Would be great to hear what genetics you are thinking of using, your medium, lights, techniques, etc.

Tagging a few folks who have already expressed interest, or might be interested. Please feel free to pass the word along to anyone else you think might want to follow along. The more the merrier!

@Preston9mm @MrSauga @Pennywise @CrazyChef @InTheShed @Derbybud @Metal Halide @TheMadDabber @Dutchman1990 @Old Salt @EastCoastGhost @dr.h00k @TheGreenYeti @Heavenly Hybrid @beez0404 I am sure I have left some folks the list - no offense meant.

Let's make some happy dogs!

The Bard

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Now stupid question lol but does it have to have chem in the name or chem in its genetics? Cause I just found something I really want to grow!!! Lol Dawggone Sour!!

Sounds like a cool strain! I don't have any issue with it. Bring it on!

The Bard

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If it has Sour Diesel in it I'd say it's a go.

Thanks @Pennywise. Do you think it would be fair to say that Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and relatives of those, are all ok? Given they are all descended from the original Chem. Any other big families that you think should be included? I think we will all be pretty laid-back in what folks want to grow. The Blueberry comparison grow had lots of varieties in it, and that seems to encourage lots of participation. Not really looking for a lot of rules.


I'm probably gonna give Penny a chubby with this one...


It's on like Donkey Kong!


The Bard

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I would include a diesel cross but OG really is a different plant. Not sure they compare well.

The genetics/heredity side of things is really your wheelhouse. If folks ask about different chemovars, will you be the arbiter? I don't want to say yes or no without know enough...

The Bard

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They spelled Chemdog wrong, it's Dog not Dawg! Lol

I was waiting for that... I almost put a smart ass comment about Penny's spelling pet peeve, but I knew you would come along and take care of it.
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