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Who needs carrots! Cannabis lets you see in the dark!

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Scientists from Granada find out that cannabis consumption stimulates the retina and allows people to see in the dark

• A study of the Department of Botany of the University of Granada carried out in the Rif of northern Marocco, proves that cannabis consumption improves sight and allows users to see in the dark

• Researchers have tested that cannabis consumption causes pupil dilation and there is discussion about the possibility that it may directly affect physiological sight processes

• The Department of Physiology of the UGR is testing its combination with vitamin A, the main element applied in sight loss processes C@MPUS DIGITAL This international project is coordinated from the Department of Botany of the University of Granada by lecturers Joaquín Molero Mesa and Abderrahmane Merzouki. As a result of a research work to get to know hemp in northern Marocco (biology, composition and etnobotany), this study was started, which has materialized in an article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology which informs that cannabis consumption improves sight in the dark.

The research team tested that in the mediterranean coast of the Rif fishermen did their night work without any problem, even in when it was completely dark. They themselves said that their sight was good due to hemp consumption. In 1991, North American doctor West confirmed that Jamaican fishermen who had consumed cannabis could see and sail through dangerous coral reefs at night. But he did not go deeply into the subject.

It was the same phenomenon observed by Merzouki in 1992 in northern Marocco; he talks about it, together with Molero, in a paper on the therapeutic traditional use of cannabis, in 1999. Natives could see in the dark after smoking kif, a mixture of Moroccan hash and tobacco. When the news came to the attention of US doctor Russo, in favour of preventing and palliating disease by consuming cannabis better than with medicines that have it as part of their composition, he got in touch with the scientists of Granada. He knew of an equipment that could be useful for them: the Scotopic Sensititivity Tester-1 (SST-1), a device used to control sight loss.

Physiological effect
With this advanced system, it was confirmed in four persons that smoking hash in a prolonged way permits to see clearly in the dark. In the course of the experiment, the patient is left, before and after consuming cannabis, in total darkness for half an hour, to make sure that the eye has got used to the situation. The first results suggest that retina gets stimulated and you can see more clearly under the influence of hemp. Más allá de que fumar hachís dilate las pupilas, scientists are tarting to think that cannabis directly affects sight physiological processes.

At the moment, on the one hand, they go on making tests. They have studied about thirty cases and want to go deeply into the dose of hash necessary to for sight changes to take place. On the oyher hand, and in collaboration with the Department of Physiology of the UGR, they are going deeply into how this drug consumption affects the sight configuration biochemical process, in animals (rats) and its combination with vitamin A, the main element in sight loss process. In addition, they go on studying with Sannica Biotech, a Canadian biotechnology company directed by doctor Arella, with the aim of opening fields for different diseases whose symptoms could be palliated thanks to this “magical plant”.

Prof. Joaquín Molero Mesa
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