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Who would you smoke with?


Probably Howard Zinn or Neil deGrasse Tyson. Would be cool to talk about history with Zinn, or just get my mind blown by Tyson talking about anything.


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I’d smoke with my old high school crew. Not as we were, not as we are now, more like with today’s mind
and yesterday’s body, age and spirit. All the wisdom that age affords—or lack of—and our wild youth. I would love to see us all mentally mature, still as kids, ditching class and hanging out where we likely shouldn’t.

Sure I thought of a bunch of famous names, but ultimately decided that I don’t know them. I say this because I met Neil Armstrong at a book signing. As smart as I am, I found myself acting like a 12 year old girl meeting their rockstar crush. Too intimidated to be myself, I fumbled and had my “I carried a watermelon” moment...and that was sober. If he lit a joint up I would’ve shit myself silly.


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Seriously, I would vaporize with my Lord Jesus.

Now some might believe that would be an impossible sin for Jesus, but I don't know. The last thing I would do is put rules on a God.
Can you imagine Jesus saying wait now... you thought c99 was the grail no.. no.. here try my mt. zion rainbow shadow kush... one hit ^!^
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