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Hi spike here,

Most of you who know me know I don't smoke much,just grow it for my bro

as his seizure medication.Well mon. night the 3rd I tried some of my latest

ganja ,just 3 hits and at first I thought ,oh quite nice buzz.15 min. after that

boom it hit me good and I was on a 4 hr. ordeal and somewhere in there I

aquired a parakeet and was giving lessons:surf::rasta: to the neighbors on how to give

their pit bull love,cause they think all of them are mean.but anyway I'm

glad I found my way back home and the new dwarf ganja is very good.


OK now that I have a female parakeet,who came along on a real ganja induced trip,where I now know my neighbors who think I'm a dog trainer and have a love for blue,loud, small birds would you all help me name this little female parakeet,and she already sits on my hand,how about a little naming contest
and it should be a short name.

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2nd Place Plant, and 3rd Place Member of the Month
so far the parakeet that came from ganja land--I like ellie,lily.and indica

maybe indica LiL,
ok thx for the help we will call her Indica LiL that is great,makes her sound like an old time saloon gal who's hiding a tiny pistol under her dress for the first drunk to try to take advantage of Indica LiL .:cheer::surf::goodjob:

spike and Indica LiL:hippy:

Indica LiL

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so u had a good experience then??

y'all know tha parakeet is gonna be high all the time tho right?? lol! ;)
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