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Whoreable's Durga Mata Grow


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:yummy: DURGA MATA :yummy:

Equipment :

  • 1x "24 T12 6500K 30W
  • 6x cfl CFL 5000k 23W

  • Durga Mata
  • Type: Indica
  • Flowering time: 50 - 55 days indoors. Outdoors beginning of October
  • Yield: 400 - 450 grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors approx. 500 grams
  • Effect/Buzz: Body relaxing and medical qualities
  • Smell /Taste: Herbal, spicy
  • THC: 16-20%


  • 5/5 In Water, awaiting paper towel.


  • 6.6 PH h20

Welcome, this is my grow log for Durga Mata, purchased from Dope-Seeds and supplied by PARADISE SEEDS. This is my second grow using purchased seeds.


So, lets get this rollercoaster started! I am planning to Veg them once they break open in Jiffy cubes, like always. I will use a 23w 2-Foot Flourescent T12 6500k until they get about 1 week old. I will then let them soak up sunlight in the daytime, and veg them indoors with my lighting setup, mostly Flurous and CFLS.

Enjoy! Wish me luck :rollit:



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In Hindu tales, Durga Mata, the mother goddess represents purity and strength. She carries the sword of truth, destroys demons, conquers ignorance and leads humans to enlightenment. Durga Mata will bring out your inner philosopher. This makes her a worthy after dinner smoke for an evening of deep conversation with friends.

The buzz is potent and physically relaxing. The aroma is herbal and spicy, with a taste like Turkish fruit. The medical qualities of this herb are highly appreciated by medical users for the long-lasting relaxing effects.

Durga Mata’s parents were selected for their high resin content and ease in growth and maintenance. The variety is reliable, homogeneous, with clone like results, which makes it perfect for a sea of green setup.

The internodes spacing is tight and the buds are dense, compact and she grows very uniformly. Durga Mata survives rough treatment and still performs very well, and has a natural resistance to pests, making this variety an excellent choice for starters and experienced growers alike. Qualified for breeding purposes!

All seeds come in original dealers pack and are stored at optimum temperatures. If the seedbank has an official dealers list were on it


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Im not too worried about the lumen ammount in the room.

The majority of the lumens come from being outside each day.

I bring them up around sundown and keep em on till I wakeup.

I will do this until they get larger, and give them 18/6.

It should be late november when I flower hopefully. I want theese nice and big.


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I did purchase some Fox Farms : Ocean Forest Soil.

One of the MasterWidow buckets when emptied had a shitload of ants inside of the dirt.

I didnt even realize, wonder if they were in the soil naturally.

So I replaced all the plants except 1x MasterWidow with Fox Farms, just to keep as an experiment.


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Im thinkin about purchasing a CFL-Splitter that will allow 3x per ballast.

I think that should hold them off until flowering.


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Same here, they are already larger than the Master Widow's

This is proboably because the Widow seeds were small, and Im not even sure if they are what they were labeld.

Also the widows were in the shitty soil, but now all of them are in FFOF.

The widows have more leaf structure, but the Durga's are growing larger sets of leafs.
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