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I am a newcomer to this community of cannabis believers. I have been a member now for several weeks and even though I live in Australia I have been welcomed since day 1.
I have often wondered why I joined the 420 community. I had never before been a member on any forum, and in fact, had only recently begun to use a computer. To answer my own question of 'why", I decided to review my posts, and those of other members I had interacted with. What I found astounded me!
I discovered compassion, passion, knowledge and friendship. I felt my presence was valued. That sense of belonging was important to me as I had lived quite a reclusive life. I found laughter. I found tears. One of the first posts I read was RangerDanger's farewell. It moved me in a way I had not been moved for many years. I felt the pain of other members at his plight. The sense of a caring community was profound.
So, to all members of the 420 community, old and new, thank you for sharing of yourselves and for accepting me warts and all. I will stay with this site. I will look forward to the many friendships I know I will make. I will keep my postings sincere and considerate and will share of myself as others have done with me.
Thank you one and all.


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Well howdy there stranger! That sounded a little creepy actually...anyway, nice to see another Aussie on the site.


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hey man, i remember when you first joined this site....shit i was probly the first one ever PM'd you. I hope you stay with us man as i would like to share future knowledge and conversation with you..you seem to be a good guy who knows where to come if he ever needs assistance and guidance...welcome to the family!

and this is for the land down under :headbanger:

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thank you for sharing of yourselves and for accepting me warts and all

we didn't know about your warts. this will take some re-thinking now.:hmmmm:

seriously, those are pretty much the reasons i'm here. that and the cause.

:peace: :smokin:


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smokinmoose, i really think you have been a great addition to our"family" from day 1 i have agreed or laughed at your posts. i also got worried when you posted about the tsunami. i felt fear for a friend that i haven't yet met, not sure if the tsunami was going your direction. i am glad you feel the same about us, please stick with us!!

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Everyone has warts. Some more than others lol. (looks innocent)

This is the only forum I am a member of, although I am a card carrying member of the Bald Headed Brothers Club. for those of you who know what that is, my sympathies. For those of you who don't, don't ask lol. Like I said, we all have our warts :)

It's nice to have you here. You make a great addition to our already large groups of friends.


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I would love to hear why others have stayed on in this community.

i come here because i do feel as if i have made friends. i also like being able to be open about smoking, as having to hide it from my job, and in laws, i feel they don't know the true me. the true kim smokes marijuana, so this is the only place i can be me.


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I would love to hear why others have stayed on in this community.

i have stayed on this forum for the same reason you have mark, because people on here treat you kind and with respect. Although there is always assholes wherever you go (even on this site) the good people on 420magazine far outweigh the negative.


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I would love to hear why others have stayed on in this community.

This site is very, very excellent. I've looked around for a couple of years searching for something I could relate to and this is the only one and it will probably be the last. The longest I ever stayed on another site or chat room was about an hour.
I've known about the term "420" for years but thought it was just another name for weed, like years ago it was the number "13." So I found 420 Magazine by chance and knew the first day this was a place for someone like me. Everyone is so kind and funny and accepting and a few are very wise indeed. Cannabis has countless medicinal uses but also it raises the consciousness a notch or two and allows us to operate on the same wavelength so to speak. This consciousness raising also allows us to see thru all the BS going on all around and the outrageous funniness of it all. The grow information is invaluable and the pics awe-inspiring and mouth-watering. I've started a little notebook jotting down anything new pertaining my own very small grow situation.


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:3: :peace:


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:3: This forum is community and caring for each other...we understand the magic of MJ and this makes us all family...:smokin: When I'm high, 420 is often my source of amusment.:laugh2: Wide range of age groups & backgrounds gives it even more color:adore: :37: Thanks to my 420 family & to 420 for providing this forum.:peace:

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I love this site because, I can show my bud shots & plants off... :3:

MV... :smokin:






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Nice Bump,never saw this thread till now and so feel what Moose and everyone else is saying.Everyone I've met on this site is cool as hell,they help with every question I've ever had.Its like a big family where we all share the same love of this plant that gives so much.I got my first laptop in June of 07and this is the first site I found and I fell in love with the place and the people.I love the message this place is spreading,and I'm proud to help do the news.It helps send the message not only to the members but hundreds of nonmembers that check out the site.I'm glad I found this place:peace:
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