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Why 420?


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So today a non-smoking friend asked me what the meaning of 420 was. I thought about it and then realized that I didn't actually know. I mean, this is 420Magazine and we recently celebrated 4/20 so clearly we all know about the marijuana associations, but where did it all come from?

Tiger Bass

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I've heard a couple different things:
-It's the police code for someone smoking
-It's the time that a bunch of kid's at San Rafael Highschool would go smoke after school everyday
-Adolf Hitler wanted a holiday after him so he made it his birthday

Personaly, I would have to believe it's the first one, maybe the second.


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The generally accepted source is indeed the kids in highschool meeting at that time to toke up. The police code, and the number of chemicals are both false. The Hitler angle is one I've never heard of before. While April 20th was his birthday, I have never heard anything about him trying to turn it into an actual holiday.


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4/20 is real close to last frost around here. So, I was thinking maybe it's when you're supposed to drop beans in the ground. Or, maybe just another 420 coincidence, lol.

Jim Finnel

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/\/\ what dulap said. basically the time it took to get from school to your smoking location. and like was previously said, search will find you lotsa results.


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420 is not the police code for pot, I've heard of the kids smoking after school too. Some one told me this week that a bunch of business men had 4:30 meetings every day so they would smoke at 4:20, 10 minutes before their meeting. The truth is no one really knows.
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