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Why are Seeds Different Colours?


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Seed colour is considered as an important breeding objective.

Ive had some WICKED crops from seeds both large and small, short and fat, black and striped (although not white), puny and GINORMOUS!!! I think (as an amatuer breeder) that the seed color, size, look, feel, etc..., is the least of my concerns. If it grows plant it. I once bred Flo2 (DJ Short - the strain has seemed to be wiped vertually clean from the web possibly to it's small yield) with Mikado x Bigbud and had a wonderfull CLONE ONLY strain (due to genetic variation/phenotypes) that were the tiniest little baby beans ever. I've also seen the reverse however. Casualties of not-so-natural-selection.

That same strain totally lost its potential once my friend and I imbred it. By then it was too late, and the origional seed was gone. last Ditch effort gone awry.


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I'm real new at growing. Is there a way to tell a male seed from a female seed? Also like to find out if there is a way to tell the difference between male & female plants as young seedlings.


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Hi butterflylady,

I too am new to growing, considering this is my first grow....from all the info i have researched you cannot tell from seed if it is a female or male even feminized seeds are not 100% guaranteed to give you a female....one way you can tell is in the later stages of vegging you can check the nodes to see if there are pistils(female) forming or pollen sacs(male)


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No.... There is no way to tell by the seed.... but u can tell early on... after your plant is about 6 to 8 inches tall you can top it and allow the top to flower. This can save a lot of time. Here is a 5 min video that can explain how to do this...

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