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Why are some worm castings worthless?


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My personal composting worms produce only 8 cubic yards of organic vermicast yearly that is harvested each spring.

Rapid production of worm castings from low nutrient feedstocks does not make quality castings.

Shredded maple leaves, alfalfa, cornmeal, oatmeal and barley produce large healthy worms for sale and the resulting castings out produce all other castings growers have compared them with.

Check what goes into your worm castings if you want high quality organic castings that maximize production!

Our company is about to release 20,000,000 pounds of high quality Amazing Worm Castings that are from 3 acres of fishing bait worm beds 24 inches deep. They have been produced over a 20 year period. Greenhouses that have done preliminary tests say they have not found anything comparable.

We have found fishing bait producers have healthier worms and much higher quality castings than vermiculture enterprises that concentrate on producing large volumes of vermicompost.
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