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why are the leaves droppy


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I am rnning a 400 watt mh they are about 2 weeks old, temps from around 74 to 79, soemitmes in the morning it gets a little hot because the window doesnt open untill i get up.
For the last day 3 of the plants have really droopy leaves, before and after iw attered them. I am still using half strength nutes, im just waiting untill my watter runs out.

Why is it droopy, is it normal, and what can i do if anything



if pics are nessacary please tell me.


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i wait untill they are pretty dried up

it seems like once every 2 or 3 days, but they are very small pots, like 4 inch squar pots


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should i wait longer maybe, because the droppienss has almost i can say increased sicne the last check i did,


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possibly, i mean there are quite of bit roots shwoing through the drainage holes, but i wouldnt consider it covered from top to bottom...what do you think


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any time good to repot, wait untill morning, mid day, before dark cycle? dry or wet soil?


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so i transplanted, and uped the nute dosage to regualr strength from half. I also transplanted the smaller ones in med size pots. The reason i did so, is because the bigger ones that i transplanted have seemed to be going down hill and im tripping, because i dont know what to do. I am thinking maybe i am wattering to much. They are sagging, and there is discoloration on the first couple of leaves. I am trying to upload my pics through the site and it says they are unsupported this time.

Ill keep trying, but what do you say....just let it dry out, and then just watter is every 4 days? You think its has to do with the PH balance?

The smaller ones seem pretty healthy well see how they react to the transplant?

Please help



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Ok this is the set up, keep in mind doors are always open for temp purposes and fan space.

any suggestions...or maybe thats why this is happening becasue the exposer to the outside....dont know



^^^^^these are the more mature ones, but i should say the ones that are wattered are looking a lot healtheir this morning, but im just waiting for a bit on the others.....


^^^ one of the plants with discoloration....i should say that one that wasnt wattered as quickly is looking worse than this one right now....


and here are the smaller ones, i transplanted way earlier than the others in Med. size pots...


seem a lot healtheir^^

what you guys think

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