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Why are the leaves so wavy?


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Greetings yall.:Namaste:
Got a problem here.. so its like this.. one of my seeds just came out to be a little retarded.. dont know why. i searched on google and everybody posted diffrent shit. some said its the ph, some said its overwatered and so on... so can somebody please help me here i dont know what the problem is. Thank yall.

Jah Bless

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Hi Spliffenroll,

I've embedded your photo for you. Personally, I use the "My Photos" button at the bottom left side of the text input window to embed photos in my posts. I hope that helps.

Greenest Regards,
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It is a seedling for goodness sake. I don't see a problem. If you are already worrying about things and polling multiple boards looking for problems that are not there, lord help us...

did you not have a talk with your seeds before you planted them, and tell them that in your house, it was your rules... and there would be no crinkling of leaves?

seriously... these are living entities, and they are entitled to a little bit of personality. You can not expect uniformity.

and then, while i got you...
learn the lift method... then you wont water too often. when you do water, water with gusto, and water your medium to runoff. Then, wait. Sit on your hands. Tie yourself to a bedpost. Let the poor thing be for a few days and give it a chance to send out roots to find the water. Don't water again until you can lift up your little pot and feel no water weight. Your plant will still be happy, you will be beside yourself wondering how it is surviving without you. This will take several days. Read a book. Read a book on growing cannabis and learn about watering too often. Don't trust the guy at the hydro store... he just wants to sell you things. Don't trust anyone on the internet, including me, without experimentation. Learn about pH. It really does make a difference, no matter what someone else says. Learn to relax... growing plants is all about patience. Every time you get some great idea about something you need to do to the plant, wait a day... see if it is a good idea then. You can move 1000 times faster than your plant... that doesn't mean that you should.


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well hi there. Thanks for the "info" and i never said i was poking around doing all kinds of shit to the poor bastard. I just asked if it was normal for it looking like that? i water when i feel it has no weight, and i do it with a spraybottle. I also check on it twice a day without even touching it, and i worry to much because its a living thing and i dont want it to die ffs :17: but i will probably read a book, xD thanks anyways bro.
jah bless


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What kind of light are you using? Looks ok, maybe warm, maybe not. Give it time. If you have the resources I'd suggest printing and laminating the pics below for future reference. I keep mine in the tent. Consider starting a journal, you'll find more help and have a reference line for your grow also. Good luck.



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What soil are you using?

Have you fed anything besides water?

What type of water are you using? tap, RO, well?
I bought the soil long time ago at a local gardening market, the guy working there told me that it was a good one. ive been planting chili in the same soil since june and its working just fine so i dont think that there is any problem with the soil.
i've only used water. At first i used rainwater but now im using tapwater.


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its going to be fine bro, dont even worry about it, the more you over think about it the more stressed you will get. if there is a problem it will def show and you should do research on that problem but as for a seedling you have no worries at all.


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haha thx bro, i see now, its starting to grow like a motherfucker. very fast!!! i see now it was all unnecessary to worry about it. it doing geat now :D
Jah bless


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If you were spraying it while the lights were still on that can cause funky stuff to happen to the leaves. I use to do that then I cooked my leaves pretty much lol. But ya all the above advice is good stuff and just remember patience is key in this hobby. Take it easy bud.
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