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Why did You start?

i started cause i realy realy wanted to so i went to this party with some of my older friends i was just chilling drinking and i went outside to take a piss and on the way back i was talking to my friends and they were rolling a joint and im like hey can i smoke with you guys theyre like well think about it and they let me and we hot boxed this car and i was high as fuck that was pretty much one of hte best nights of my life
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same as king.....its in my blood my whole family does it, and sum times shits hard and it just ahppens to be also a great way to meet people and bring them together and have a nice peaceful time
In the blood....the whole family burns, aunts, uncles, dad, granparents, cousins...the rule is once your 18 you can join the huge family sessions. I started so I could join in
i get lifted said:
i first started smoking weed at the start of 9th grade, i started mostly just because my friend was doing it and i wanted to try it. i had seen my mom and dad smoke pot all of my life so i was never really afraid of it at all. It really seemed like no big deal when i was asked to smoke pot.
I started in early too. I wanted to try it after my best friend tried it at a party and was telling me about it. So, a few weeks later, I go to a party with my best friend and there are about 10 people there. EVERYONE had weed. I smoked so much weed that day (my first time) that I was laughing at EVERYTHING. The funniest thing was that I made a sandwich and finished it in two bites. I still remember that night. It was awesome. Me and two friends stayed up the longest and kept smoking. The two friends ended up getting into a food fight which was hilarious. Come to think of it, I remember lots of my pot experiences. My very first hit was getting a charge off a joint.
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I took my first hit under a bridge near my house. This girl one day was like u wanna get high? So i went there after school and took one hit then coughed for like an hour. It sorta sucked but whaterver. I smoked it then just cause i was curious i guess
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im proving a point .. and i got alot of shit in my life and i like getting high and getting away from life
How old is everyone on here now? Is the smoking just a short term thing or are there any old-timer pros here? Like several years and older than your teens?
I am a very young 42. Smoked all the way through college. I stopped for almost 20 years though. I just recently started again. Can't remember when I was happier. I guess that I missed out on a few great years. Catching up? I am having fun trying to do just that.
because my life is shit and i just dont give a |= |_| ( |<
ive been smoking for a long while i first started smoking because i always used to see people smokeing around me when i was little like my dad and his friends so one day i went in his room stole a joint and smoked it and have been smokeing sence
i live in a ghetto ass city that in 1992 was the murder capital of the us. So everyone was smoking something. i bought some and rolled it up and started smoking.
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I started when i heard a group of my co-workers talkin about it. i went to their place that night to smoke and we musta passed like 4-5 blunts that night. I don't know about u all, but i was blazed my first time. completely gone. they all were laughin at me cause i couldn't hang, but i didn't care. i was high nothin much else mattered. from that point on it became a 24 hour smoke apartment. And 420friendly, i'll be smokin for life. I take breaks every so often, either lack of weed, or just don't want to get stoned. But it will never stop. I see no need to.
I started when I was a younger. The first time I actually smoked , but I didn't get high. I tried to smoke a J I stole from my mom but I didn't know how to inhale. The first time I got blazed, a friend of mine and I smoked two joints in my shower because there is a window that leads outside in the actual shower. We didn't feel anything when we were done, and I was a little sad. I was sittin on the toilet hanging my head, when I realized I had begun to swing my head back and forth, with increasing motion. I was feeling a little funky so I got up and looked in the mirror. My eyes were fucking torch red! After that I basically sank to my knees and sat for like an hour just flying around in my own head. The first time I smoked my mom's J, I was doing it partially because I was curious, but also because it was the second time I had found one in her purse, and she had lied to me before. I was angry so I just said fuck it and grabbed the shit. In terms of stopping I don't know what will happen. I know I won't smoke every day for my whole life, but my future and cannabis are bound to meet again, even if I stop for a couple of years.
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Well I started Smoking Marijuana when I was younger.

&& I started because I was curious. I wanted to know.

I had to learn balance though.

You can't smoke everyday all day,

Well at least if you have responsibility’s,

Which I had a lot of

- At least more than most

But I still enjoy it 4 in a half years later.

I've never tried any other drugs, and never will.

MOST of all - Sweet Mary Jane


Stoner FOR LIFE -

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Oh, And I'm 18.

My name is Jessica =)
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Stonedxoxo said:
Oh, And I'm 18.

My name is Jessica =)
oooooo hey jessica how are u doin? ur hot as hell. im 18 too.
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I started this past summer when I told my boss of 4 years I wanted to try it. He had baked a bunch of ganja cookies and gave me one. I ate it, hour later didn't feel anything and asked for another. The second I took a bit out of the second cookie I was like "oh f*ck" and knew I was screwed. Since then I smoke every now and then and even got a small collection of piece's.

frankenberry said:
oooooo hey jessica how are u doin? ur hot as hell. im 18 too.
Not gonna lie, I agree with frakenberry. I just find it funny when people hit on others in a forum, especially with "how you doin". props man, props.