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Why do buds lose density upon chopping?


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In the past, every time i've grown I will grow out some rockhard yummy nugs, yet within 24 hours of chop the whole bud is droopy and not concrete hard like it was prechop. I assume this has to do with the bud "wilting" and losing moisture and a good dry/cure is what get's this to return? Please advise. I chopped at 60-70% red hairs on a sativa dom btw, was just starting to really turn at chop. All the nugs were litteraly concrete stone hard... Now as they sit on the drying rack still dense but... droopy and floopy. Lol. Anyone?

P.S... this is more of a why question. Generally my nugs end up tightening back up and retaining their old density. There's always just this window of completely airy bud right after chop... until about 3 days in dry before they tighten. At the correct dryness and cure they are once again rock hard and yummy.
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