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Why do my plants droop after flushing or heavy watering?

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They droop after flushing due to lack of O2 in the rootzone. Take a thin wood dowel or pencil and poke some holes down into the mix for aeration.


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They droop after flushing due to lack of O2 in the rootzone. Take a thin wood dowel or pencil and poke some holes down into the mix for aeration.

But...a big but...be careful to not stab roots...im always afraid of that


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Water the plant approx once a week, during flowering the plant will require more water....this is normal......to check whether or not the plant/s need to be watered, poke your finger approx 1" into the soil, if it feels moist then leave it a day or 2 more, if it feels dry then water it.

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Or purchase soil ph/moisture/light meters that you just insert into the pot and within a minute or so it tells you the ph of your soil the moisture level of your soil and how much light is reaching the lower levels of your plant. One of these is invaluable for making sure your plants are getting water only when they need it. And as for o2 reaching the roots after a heavy watering a friend of mine had an interesting idea that worked for him he inserts an air stone on a hose beneath the plant when he repots it into 3gal pots and when he is watering them he attaches the air pump and instant aeration of the root zone. I have considered the idea of putting an airstone into my nute mix before watering to increase disolved oxygen in the water any thoughts on whether this would be of any benefit?

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But better then explaining why it happens heres is a better piece of info increase the amount of perlite in your soil mix a fair amount because if you have the correct texture soil for cannabis to thrive you should never see a droop because of flushing or heavy watering unless there is a major difference in your soils ph and the incoming water's ph.


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Its been suggested that I need to oxygenate my water as well, due to my current problem, this picture is not for the faint of heart, and I apologize for the plant abuse in advance:


I have an airstone & pump, but unsure how long to aerate a gal of water before its considered "ready." Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.


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how to recover ?

OK i have obviously been over watering since my girls have gotten droopy and leaves curled under looking like a claw. I have good PH between 6.5 & 7.0 & i have narrowed it down to a definite over watering issue. How do ya get the plants to recover from that, any input would be highly accepted


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Quit watering for a while, let the soil dry up. You should only be watering every couple days or when the dirt is dry. I usually stick my finger in the dirt close ti the plant. If its damp under the top soil then I dont water. Just wait it out without giving it ant water man.


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dude heavy watering is why your plants droop DON'T heavy water, cannabis is a delicate plant but strong. But water is it's worst enemy. STOP with watering for a while wait til the soil is dry, stick you finger in the soil if its dry water, cause water gets stored under the dirt pretty far so don't water, that's why your plant looks like shit. And stop cutting your fan leaves cause they provided food for the plant so..


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Here,s the scoop on watering growing for frist timmers like yourself.
Mix 6 cups soil to 10 cups perilite. This is for starters (from seed or small or fresh clones)
Go to grow store by some b52 or root 66 give per gallon 1/2 of 1/2 teaspoon use correct measure cup or spoon.
This will be for your frist two waterings make sure you have holesbin your cups (beer cups the red ones) two big of a container is no good. These are the best size cups to start with. Dont use paper causes mold.
Third watering pick up some floranova grow.use 1/2 teaspoon frist watering then full teaspoon there after. Increase by 1/2 teaspon
By the fifth watering. By this time it should be at least thrity days. You only need to water once or twice each week.
After thrity days let soil dry for three day place cup in hand upside down with your fingers inbetween stem of plant ( should be size of pencil if you follow this correctly and 8 inchs tall roughly) pop plant out of cup if you see roots your ready for a one gallon container
Now use the same steps as the frist in this routine.(b52or root66) 1/2 teaspoon) per gallon. Do this only once ( we do this cause transplanting can and does cause stress to roots. They will drup for a couple of days. If there was stress to them. This will help.
But you will not need root 66 or b52 which ever you choose to use again.
Now after they stop drupping or a week has passed give the the floranova only for the next 30 days
You will start with a full teaspoon and increase every week read bottel on back or ask grow store for chart
The next steps are flowering.
You need an ignighter and flora bloom go online to ecogrow.com they have all you need.
Remember co2 can cause this also to low or to high. Get some knowlege books dont spend tons of money on exoensive equipment except your lights,exhaust fans Get your grow room right frist before you think that money and expensive stuff will help until you learn the fundelmentals you will loose plants. Always clean your hands always clean your grow room daily always were clean closths and most important right down what you do and when until you get it down. Clean everything throughly containers let dry and make sure you get the soap off when cleaning. These ingrediants I have given you work very well follow directions on bottels always these are highly concentrated even if you dont think so. Use 1/2 teaspoon too much to soon or two many times in a row and you will have problems. Rule of thumb water once with ingrediates and twice without. Second spend the money on a reverse oamoais filtering system do not use store bought water or tap water either. They have several different ones get the expensive one right of the bat. Also most important do not store mixed water with ingrediants. Throw unused portion away its not worth looseing more plants to save half a gallon if it sits more than an day it no good. Use water that is no less than 65 degrees either.and no higher than seventy. If you plan on growing indoors then your safe with this. Out doors is easier but you have to buy all your ingrediants in powdered form and dig a two foot deep hole at least and six feet around and no how much of what ingrediants for each type of plant to get between 2 to 15 pounds of dried manicured pot. Indoors you will get a couple of ouces at best for a while of each plant. Hope this helps.

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I use a 37 gallon rez with four 2"x4" air stone in it. Now if anything try and get a cheap 5 gallon bucket and make that your rez where you can pH your water and put a air stone in it. That will help your plants big time. Doing pH on hand you have to watch real close not to bounce your pH around up and down on your pants. When trying to adjust the pH of your root zone, make sure to do all changes slowly. It is actually worse for your plant to have the pH change drastically than it is for the plant to have roots in the wrong pH. So having a cheap 5 gallon or bigger bucket rez can help you a lot.


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Hey jwb87! Think about it this way for small plants all of the way through the vegetative growth cycle. As a small plant what is the pysiological reaction to a lack of moisture in the soil? Well... as a plant is actively growing if it's immediate soil area becomes too dry it's natural pysiological reaction is to elongate and multiply the root cells sending out rootlets in multiple directions searching for moisture. You want to encourage this. With my tomato tranplants for example, I actually will let them become slightly wilted in between waterings. Now I am not suggesting that you do that with your plant but there is a solid reason why I do this in my commercial greenhouse. When the plants are watered it encourages a burst of root growth as the plant seeks to take advantage of the moisture. Now when it comes to pot production massive root growth now leads to a larger harvest later as the plant gradually lessens it's
dependence upon Photosynthesisfor energy and begins to rely more on the energy that it has stored in it's own root system during vegetative growth. So the bottom line is short controlled periods of dryness actually encourages root growth and enhances plant development.
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