Why does Cannabis make our eyes red?

Sister Vee

Interestingly enough the reason our eyes become red after smoking Cannabis is also the main reason why Cannabis is becoming renowned for its treatment of glaucoma. Basically Cannabis reduces blood pressure, which in turn causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. The ocular capillaries dilate which increases the flow of blood to the eyes and this is what naturally reduces intraocular pressure. A lot of people will argue that this is not a good idea and red eyes surely must be a sign of a problem. Some people will tell you that Cannabis sets your brain on fire and this is why your eyes go red. Alcohol does the exact same thing because alcohol is also a vaso dilator. The red eye effect of Cannabis is short lived just like the psychedelic effects.

The reality is that the stronger the THC strain the redder your eyes will be but as said before this is also short lived. But some experts will tell you that actually the weaker the THC strain the more red the eyes…so yes everyone is different, every eye is different and again every Cannabis plant is different. So for example a person can smoke a low THC strain one day and have little to no eye redness, while the very next day their eyes may be blood shot after eating a high THC strain edible product. This also explains why red eyes can still occur even in the absence of smoke proving that it is not the smoke which makes our eyes red but the actual Cannabinoids. Personally ii would take red eyes over blindness any day.
Cannabis increases blood flow initially then it drops down that is when the eyes may get red for some but that effect on the eyes also wears off after long term use as with me.:thumb:
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