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Why does she look yellowish compared to others?


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Okay so im 3 weeks in only been using water except 1 time my 2nd to last watering i used my own fresh urine with water at 1/10 ratio. Im using 13 cfls and 2 led which 1 5000k cfl and 1 2700k Led is directly 2-3inches away from this particular gal, im using a spagmoss,pearlite and coco fiber soil that drains well and also i have decent air flow with a box fan blowing on my gals and a baseless oscillating fan at the top of doorway blowing out air. So my question is why is this first gal alot lighter colored than others? She's almost a yellowish green, could it be that strain which theyre all bag seed and unknown or possibly a nitro deficiency or is it something else?
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