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Why everyone should use hydrogen peroxide everyday!


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Not all of the drug store brand H2O2 has other ingredients in it. I buy H2O2 at Costco, $3 for 2 liters. It has no inactive fillers in it in any way and works great. I use it primarily to boost the oxygen levels in my res and add 50ml every third day to my 10 gal (8 gal fill) res.



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How long does the beneficial bacteria last in your soil? I have heard things about peroxide killing beneficial bacteria, however i believe it to be mostly untrue since beneficial bacteria love oxygen.

Nah, it kills the good bacteria too. However, on balance I think it does a lot more good than bad. I've been using it recently in pretty high dosages and I must say my root systems really look good as do the plants they are part of. It is really quite noticeable.


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That sounds about right. If you are starting with the 35% stuff you should dilute it 10/1 to get it down to around 3%. Makes it easier and safer to work with. I use a dosage of 300ml (3%) per 100 liters at reservoir change and 1/4 to 1/2 that amount daily. So a 10 gallon system would be 40 liters and you would use 120 ml as a full dose and 30 - 60ml daily. I would advise against using teaspoons unless you've got very steady hands.

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Yeah I tried using h202 before and I dont know if its just the brand I bought but I added about 2ml per gallon (2 gallon rez) and every time plants would wilt hardcore. I had been battling slime for a while until I got some hygrozyme. Which ive heard might cause slime too but have not had any issues since.


You would be better off using HydroGuard for your root uptake than H202, it doesn,t kill good root requirements of the plant.
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