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Why is Cannabis really illegal


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im so confused on how this world and the people in it works a fucking seed that you put in dirt is considered a drug when its a herb .

they make alcohol beverages legal knowing the effects and damages ,deaths it causes

i myself hate alcohol is freaking nasty but anyways wanted to know why is this herb really illegal ?


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One thing I would like to point out though. Mushrooms are completely natural as well. Yet how many wild mushrooms will kill you? The point is, being "natural" as a sole argument doesn't prove that it is safe. You have to explore all characteristics of the plant to identify the difference between it and other natural plants and herbs. The great thing about cannabis is that tests have been done, and stats have been shown, to not be dangerous when consumed.

Why is it illegal? Government control. If you ask me, it makes perfect sense to legalize for those who need it medically and those who use it for recreation. Tax it and make this country some money.


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Well, fact is, hemp was made illegal by Congress because the pharmacutical companies, the paper mills, and alcoholic beverage companies wanted it outlawed because it's so easily accessible by the common man and so much cheaper than what they had to offer and they would be losing money. Aaahhh... ain't it great that this country is so easily run by those with money?


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I agree, its complete B.S. You can explain the effect of Cannabis and alcohol to a 10 year old and know that cannabis is a lot safer. My thing is that this issue needs Mass Protest and someone to challenge this law. Its complete BS.

I think, we all should march to Washington D.C. and stage a protest by lighting up a join on the street and smoke it! If we get 500-1000 people there is no way they can do anything!

For crying out loud, the constitution of this country was written on Hemp Paper. It was a mandate to grow hemp.
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