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Why is glass better than other materials?

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Glass doesn't burn, sweat, give a flavor, or impart any impurities into the smoke. It can be cleaned completely. Glass is naturally attractive and alluring to the eye, it is also more versatile in how it can be shaped and colored than perhaps any other medium. The translucency of glass I believe has always appealed to people in a kind of magical way. Especially so in pipes as it lets a smoker see the smoke, and, more importantly, stale smoke, one can then blow the stale smoke out of the pipe before taking a hit. Stale smoke tastes like raunch from hell, and will make you gag and hack in the most unpleasant of ways. The vast majority of smokers I know (well over 90% of them) would rather smoke out of glass than any other kind of pipe.


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I always preferred joints..... well, thats not true.. originally it was waterpipes, then joints... and now its just joints and the occasional blunt.. then again i havent smoked much lately at all.... but yea the majority of people i know or meet definately have the preference of glass over any other material. When i was young, everyone was into acrylic.


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glass is also my favorite method of smoking.

havent really gotten down the art of rolling so i just pack em :)

just keep practicing you will get it soon enough.

i love glass, i can just hold my pipe after smoking out of it, and turn round and round marveling at all the intricacies of the glass.



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joints, blunts, pipes, bubblers, water bongs, then hukas. That's the order from least to greatest for me. But yeah glass is tzight!


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Glass, smoked with a magnifying glass under the sweet sweet sun. Glass must always be kept clean, salt and 99.9% iso is the best cleaning solution I don't care what you say about anything else. I have a plethera of glass so there is always a fesh one pretty much every day of the week if I chose, I clean my glass about once every week to 2 weeks and never any longer. I'll post an updated pic of the collection with a couple sweet additions from what you have seen before... well over a year a go, probably closer to 2 years ago was the last update on my collection, collecting becomes much slower when you are buying pieces for over $100 instead of $20.
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