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why is my plant flowering to early


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I have a plant I just planted this month and its about three weeks old
Just today morning I seen that its starting to grow its white hairs on the top
Does that means its ready to flower.?? I also have another plant but that one took a month n a half to
Start having its white hairs why is that..??


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Well I think so because the plant is still small ill try to post some pictures up in a bit..
I'm growing three plant n don't really know the strains of them got
The seeds past on from a friend..


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Ok here are sum pics of my plant tell me what u guys think its my first time indoor so yeah..
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probably pre-flowers or like Fuzzy duck said and auto from someones bagseed...either way, just move forward knowing its a gal.


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So how much do you guys think it will produce..
Is there anything I can do to make them grow taller ??

There's no way to tell.

A breeder will say, for example a single plant, grown indoors will produce 25-40 grams. That means under ideal conditions. PH problems, lack of nutes, too many nutes, shitty soil, not enough room for roots, bad water, chlorinated water, shitty seed, bad strain, CFL? T5? T8? HPS/MH? LED? etc... All of these items can effect the yield of a plant.

There are too many variables to say what a plant will produce.

As for your height question, just keep going as is. They'll get taller on their own. The last thing you want is to stretch them out.
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