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Why my white widow is not getting me high? - What went wrong?


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Hello everyone.

First time here, so I want to say hello to everybody and thank you for taking the time to read my question and hopefully shed a light in my problem.

I babied a white widow for four and half months and things were progressing along just fine, but as a beginner
you know it is impossible to get it right 100%.
I played with lights = went from florescent to LED.
Nutrients and ph levels was monitored regularly, plant lacked some nuts at times but things were coming along just fine, due to not having the right temperatures and humidity levels right at first, the plant had a slower growth so I waited 2 months and 2 weeks to switch to 12 on and 12 off.

Another 10 weeks goes by and things were looking good, buds growing, fells really sticky, so I thought it was harvest time.

This past Sunday I did what all of us dream about... It was time to harvest that bitch.

It weighted 275 grams - So, I hung it up side down for 2 full days with humidity level at 25%. Shit got super crispy fast, so weighted again, this time 75 grams, I manicured all up and as you can image I saved a little some some to test it out. 5 months waiting, so I ready to get highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was like waiting for prom night, you know you are going to "get some"...lol

Well, it was crispy like I said, so I loaded some of that "fire" into my bow.... I smoked that whole thing and NOTHING, not at all.
I am thinking how the fuck it is possible that I am smoking something 12% thc and it is not doing anything.
All that effort and 5 months later nothing?...I know what you are thinking..Well, it did not let it cure, and you are right. It is doing as I type this.
Been such bad ass strain I expected to at least get a little buzz going. So here is some questions.

Did not get high because it is not cured yet?
Could it be a bad seed from my supplier?
Lack of nuts?

I was pumped up for this big moment and it turn out to be a complete bummer as I now have 2 seeds left from the same guy, but I am dawn sure don`t want to go through all that for nothing.

Appreciate you reading this long post.

Give me your input if you know what if you can help.

paul keating

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:welcome: to :420:

I don't have a great deal of experience on this particular subject, but there is some great info on the forums here.
There is a whole thread dedicated to growing.
Here's the link:

420 Magazine ®

There is a section about 2/3's of the way down the page titled; 'harvesting & curing'.

To save you some time, here is a link straight to one of the great articles;
420 Magazine ®

Something I've learn't from that article, is that once you have thoroughly dried your bud's (which can take weeks to do properly),
They must be sealed in an air tight container, otherwise the THC, the good stuff that gets you high, starts to degrade.

Hope this helps somewhat.

paul keating

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Another great piece of advice i can give you, considering you only have 2 seeds left, is to take cuttings from the next plant you grow.

There's info on that under 'cloning info' and 'cloning methods'
420 Magazine ®

Basically, you cut a branch off your plant, stick it into a grow medium, it sprouts roots, and becomes another plant.
If you have a good plant to start with, and you do it right, you may never need seeds again.

If you cut in the right spot, not only do you get another plant, but the plant you cut will start growing multiple stems.
The more you cut, the more stems, which in turn increases yield. However, i suggest you do some research on the subject, before hacking away at a plant. You can find info on this by going to the link above, and looking for the section titled;
Training, pruning & supercropping.

This is a great community, and there are lots of experienced, friendly and helpful people here.


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Paul... you missed the most important aspect of cloning. If you cut a female to get the clone, the new plant will be female. No worries about males.

So, PILOTUSA, Have you been smoking some killer herb lately? Over time, our bodies get used to it and it takes more. Many people take a few weeks off.
I noticed that you didn't mention the trichomes. Did you look at them with a magnifying device of some sort before you harvested?
Did the plant grow well? Was it a healthy grow that finished completely? Do you have a picture of the buds before harvest? How did the buds look overall?
How did you dry it? What were the temps in the drying area. Did they ever exceed 150f?


bad genetics. i wouldnt even waste my time on those other 2 seeds. get some seeds from a reputable seedbank, like Herbies. thats too much time and effort and risk, imo, to not know what your working with. also, post a pic of your havested buds, maybe someone can tell by looking whats up. maybe to early?

Dan Ultra

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Sounds like you harvested before trichomes had a chance to build THC. If you cut when she was "sticky" but didn't check trichome color, then she probably just wasn't ready.

Sounds like you did everything else right though man, so don't give up. Use what you learned from this grow and apply it to the next.


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You guys are badass. I am amazed with the response here.
There are many variables on this..
It was planted on 8/15/14 and the plant had a slow start, so a friend of mine told me to stretch the vegetative stage a bit longer,so around first or second week of november it started 12/12.
So I post some photos right now and let you judge the size and time it took to get to that size.

I am trying to add pics here but it is not showing it for me..

Anyway...I will answer the questions and post the pics later.

Paul, I have been smoking for a long time.
The problem is that I usually smoke regular shit and this suppose to be 12% of fire. I should of got good little high at least if was any better than regular weed.

Tead, I do have all the pics from each stage of that baby. I will post here soon. It is not displaying the pics here for some reason.
It is pointing to a dropbox...Can anybody see it or it`s just me?

Once I post the pics I can show dates and by looking at it, you guys can tell me if looks under growth.
I did look at the trichomes with a magnifying glass I got on amazon, but I don`t know what I was really looking for other than I noticed that every week more white hair was growing, but very fine ones...

Anyways..let`s get some pics going so we can chat.

:thanks: EVERYBODY


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not all phenos are the same. certainly, most are not "fire". Just a mix of the seeds we plant. as for ww, i have some of dinafems in bloom right now. just put em in. several years ago, i tried some ww i got from some seed bank. it, like my current ww, was a great rooter. very vigorous, and had a smooth, lightly fruity taste, with no cough. not much buzz, either. I am starting to think, that ww is just not meant to be fire. but a smooth smoke. i have three ww now, and also three ice, that i planted at the same time. they all look healthy. but, if the ww is a light buzz yet again, i will never try it, again. also, seems that anything its crossed with, is also a light buzz. but this is just my experiences. its a great plant for beginners. its forgiving. just dont dump too many nutes on it. if you want some good varieties, that are easy for a beginner, here are some that did me just great. aurora indica. northern lights. jack herer. thc bomb. god bud. all of these are easy to grow, can take mistakes, and bounce back, and are easy to clone. all were great smokes too. i still have the god. i would say the aurora indica, was the most potent, of mine, for a indica. good luck.

Dutty Panty

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Yeah its on the lower side of the thc range. But certain variables can help a Lil. Not much though. White widow Imo over the years is cosmetically pleasing more so than effect. That being said I carry the gene

Dutty Panty

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It's funny there claims. Even the seed bank that I can't name has there breeders post that bs. I have everything tested and most are under what they say with one proven exception.... DNA genetics chocolate fondue I hit 26.6 that's higher then they claim. And it consistently tests over 24 for me.


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i grew out some ww, i got from one company. it grew well. tasted good. and was weak as eve! lol. i have smoked some since, and, there are many knock offs, of ww. the real ww is called black widow. now, i have some ww in flower, that were free fem seeds. they look ok. but, i did some reseach, and noone likes this companys, either. dinafem. so. no more ww for me. its not worth it. too many other kinds to try.
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