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Why not dispensaries?

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I do not understand why Oregon is looking at selling cannabis in liquor stores?

What if I wish to open a dispensary.. I have to move to Ca or Co.. thats BS!!

Allow the State to take this over at your own peril!

I would love to fight this action, I would love to see the new law fail!!!

Getting govt involved is a plan to fail!!

Please prove me wrong?
Here in Colorado, the state is getting more and more involved in MMJ. There's a bill in our House that would hit dispensaries with a $5000 license fee, a $10000 community study fee, etc etc.

Join NORML or write letters to your state reps. They are the ones who are working on the Oregon laws. If you're wanting to stay below the radar, you can start an anonymous blog, give money to NORML or at least make sure your MMJ-friendly friends are voting for reps who will do MMJ right.

Oh, and you could also volunteer for politicians who are pro-MMJ. That's what happened here in CO - we got a bunch of volunteers to help elect some liberal politicians to state office.
i believe MJ has no business being in a liquor store..... at this point in time anyway.....

for now, it is approved strictly for medicinal use.... lets try and make that work for the sick people for now.... we will worry about the stoners later ;)

seriously, im low income... i cannot afford to buy this medicine.... i cannot afford materials to grow my own.... i dont know anyone who can grow for me.... i dont trust some "joe" to grow medicine, that will be ingested into my body.... that would be no safer than ingesting any other drug you can buy on the street, as i will have absolutely NO IDEA what is in it!!!

there is a statistic saying that there are no fatal overdoses caused by the use of marijuana as far as anyone can remember.... HOWEVER, there have been serious cases of people getting sick from chemicals on the marijuana, that were applied during cultivation.... NOT GOOD! and then there are "edibles" that are "sold" at dispensaries made by some nasty hairy stinky dude that does not posses a food handlers card..... uhhhh makes me sick thinking about it.... it just doesnt seem like lawmakers put much thought into really making this work.... i mean for what reason did they really approve this program, because it is not working for me....

tell me again how this OMMP is supposed to help those people who REALLY need it?.... dont get me wrong, i can get pain relief at no charge by consuming large amounts of opiates. the gov't is GLAD to turn me into a pill-poppin opiate addict... to me that makes as much sense as putting marijuana in liquor stores....

in summation, lets fine tune the use of marijuana for MEDICINAL purposes, for those of us that really need it! the rest will fall into place once its commonplace to prescribe a natural pain reliever as an alternative to HIGHLY abused and addictive opiates.....
forget dispensaries.... i think pharmaceutical companies should spend the money on huge green/labs to make the best marijuana known to man that is sold through pharmacies. just like everything else prescribed by doctors.... but patients that are able, can still grow their own if they choose to..... later, if laws are loosened and RJ Reynolds wants to mass produce packs of joints to be sold (and taxed) to people over 18-21 thats cool too....

so, first gov't needs to allow all 50 states to be "medical legal", then need pharm. companies willing to cultivate, and lastly insurance companies willing to buy the patients pot.... but everyone (those in charge) is so scared of opening pandora's box they are not making any sense what soever!

just my ideas, does that make any sense?