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Why Should I Grow using Hydroponics?


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increased plant growth rates and yields with improved aromatics, potency and taste.

requires close monitoring of ph and ppm levels and total reliance on constant electricity.

Author: MisterIto


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ther are passive hydropinics methods that don't use power [wick systems]

i have a 10 month old basil experiment -- plant is 2-3 ft tall now - 5 gal bucket loosely filled with odd shards of ceramic tile to keep 4inch pot from sinking into water - 4 inch square pot with 2 nylon braided ropes and filled with sand pearlite and ceramic shards
the ropes stick out of the pot and have about 8 inches to a foot down in the water the bucket is about 2/3 - 3/4 full of water and i fill/top off the water with plain water
and feed about 3 times a month i agitate the water with my hand to add oxygen when i check water levels when i feed i pour small amout l ferts [mixed weak ] into the pot and let it seep down to the water resovoir plant has been inside 5 months and lately looks hungry as the leaves are a lighter green than they were around christmas ...

things i should have done or been doing : used hydro ferts instead of compost tea and
very diluted urine -- tracked PH more often --- pinched or pruned for shorter bushy plant


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That sounds crazy, being a newbie to growing I have never heard of such a system.

Thanks for the info!


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Hempy/ drill a damn hole in the bucket. no ppm or ph monitoring, no pumps, no hassle. - but its still hydro.


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if you want something with big yields and potency, go hydro.

IMO if you want superior taste go organic.

mmm fruity herb with a deep, dank smell.... nothin' like it out there.



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You can have both with Organic nutes like Pro Grow and Pro Bloom in Hydroton. Organic yet completely hydro!! Brings the best of both worlds, speed and taste. I'll let everyone know how it works out for me.


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hydro is best, organic is just a marketing phrase, I often advise that a new grower use a blend 50% neutral potting soil and 50% bufferd coconut coir, and I will advise they feed with easy mix like technaflora and flood daily with about 10 to 20% runoff through bottom of pot. they don't know till there about done that they have been hydro feeding and they get the best yeild and taste with or without electric


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Organic just means natural. A lot of fertilizers contain chemical fertilizers which change the taste of smoke. Plus who wants to smoke miracle grow? Not that you would want to smoke bat shit either, but its natural and plants love it. It is also very difficult to develop nute burn with organic nutes. I do agree with the soil mix of 50/50 with runoff for beginners. The plants seem to grow extremely rapidly with this technique and can produce some awesome buds, but you will still have the soil taste to cope with. I prefer organic nutes in a DWC or ------------ as some people call it so you can flush easily and preserve the natural flavor.

I only put in my 2 cents when it pays me back a dollar.


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I didn't mean to offend with my own issues and marketing. Botanicare is a great nute manufacturer and I personally produced my first 5 lbs with it, 7 plants 4 600w lamps, 1200ppm c02 and g.h. Waterfarms with air stones in the bottom, they work like a DWC when set up with air stones. It's a completely synthetic type of grow and it uses alot of electricity made from burning coal.I have been unable to clearly understand what is the OMRI stamp of approval worth, and why is it that when using OMRI nutes they tend to fail for me, it's kind of like UL approval, for nutes of natural composition. I might need to do some more growing in dirt in order to get the organic raw mat to work. I feel that most nute companies will buy OMRI stamp if they need it to sell their gear.


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For some reason, people always say "Hydro vs. Organic" when it reality it's Hydro vs. Soil. It's possible to have an organic hydroponic system as well as a non-organic soil system. Botanicare has a GREAT line of organic nutrients that give AWESOME results both in yield and flavor.

Try hydroponics, aeroponics, etc and you'll be saying "Why was I messing with all that soil and mess all this time?"


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i think i have to post 25 times in order to start my own thread if this is so can someone start a new thread with this title:

Can you grow mothers and clones using ebb and flow on the same system?

then the body:
i have only grown 7 plants from seed in soil so i dont not know much about the hydroponics aspect of growing (mostly the concentrations of neuts needed)

i am drawing out plans for a grow with two rooms one veg with mothers and clones and one flower. when thinking about the setup i came up with a question i had no way of answering, so i turn to the experts.

i am thinking of using a 24 bucket ebb and flow hydroponics system for my veg room. i was wondering if i am growing 6 mothers and 18 rooted clones on the same water source will the mothers survive. i am assuming the clones can not handle (will die?) the amount of neuts a mother needs to stay healthy. i am then also assuming the mothers can not survive on the small amount of neuts a clone needs.

i do not find it cost effective to buy a separate 6 bucket ebb and flow just for the mothers unless that is the only way.

look forward to hearing from the experts. thanks in advance.


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the simple answer thinker would be make your own ebb and flow or DWC for the mothers and keep the clones separate. you will have lighting issues and different concentration if they are in the same system. separate is always better


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PE (polyethylene) & PET (polyethylene terephthalate) are awesome to grow in since they are inert and ph neutral but as with most hydroponic methods, the medium is not the determining factor for growth, though it can help.

The real determining factors of excellent growth are here...

in no specific order...

  • genetics
  • nutrients
  • trace elements
  • ph
  • water quality
  • experience
mediums are just a small part of success and the cheaper the better

If you want to use PE as a grow medium and keep it inexpensive, simply shred and sterilize plastic soda bottles and put them in a net pot. The result will give you a white plastic grow medium with the same materials as "Sure to Grow" only free.


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the one guy said you dont want to taste Miricle Grow, well that is pretty funny, its also not true. If you want to make your hydro taste like soil, boil citric acid and molasses, and granulated sugar for 5 min. dulute 2 tsp in one gallon of water flush plant for TWO weeks with this mix and walla, Hydro, that taste BETTER than soil :)
the one guy said you dont want to taste Miricle Grow, well that is pretty funny, its also not true. If you want to make your hydro taste like soil, boil citric acid and molasses, and granulated sugar for 5 min. dulute 2 tsp in one gallon of water flush plant for TWO weeks with this mix and walla, Hydro, that taste BETTER than soil :)

I know this is an old piece but has anyone used this procedure to attempt the soils taste ?


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The hydroponics growth rate is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant. The yield of the plant is also greater. It also has fewer problems with bug infestations, funguses and disease. In general, weeds grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants.
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