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Why Strain Cannabis Butter or Coconut Oil


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Why do you have to strain the cannabis when baking? Can't you just leave it in the oil? Doesn't it make it more potent?

Butter vs Coconut oil, which one is more effective?


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I like to use coco oil because it's less mess, less waste and ends up being vegan/veggy friendly.

Instead of following cups etc I use weight to measure my coco oil, more accurate.
Butter when heated starts to seperate into milk solids and fats. You end up loosing a lot over the long run and it makes measuring your butter later much more difficult.
Adding a little soy lecithin helps the absorption rate of oil. Some say you can go almost g per g with bud but I use 100g bud/shake to 1000g coco oil. About 2 bricks worth.


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I personally think the plant matter taste like shit in my baked goods and no one wants to chew on stems and plant. besides you strip the THC out of the plant matter when it attaches to your oil or butter so its better to strain out the crap.

I agree, it is clean and working with it is easier. I have one story about that. I strained my coconut oil and then put the rest in my smoothie. High like a fly for half a day. There is always some oil in the plant matter as the waste stays oily. But it is small part of the end product. It affects the taste, and it stays on skin when used as a cream. You can do it or not, doesn't make difference at the end.
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