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Why the feds bust us


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1-we're handycapped and easy to catch.(no big sweaty chase.)
2-no fighting, your medicated,and thought we were legal to begin with.
3-we being law abiding folk are registered so they know where we live.
4-we repect most law personel so we just let them in. no warrant.
5-we don't shoot at them .we're non violent by nature.
6-more bang for their buck.we'll pay our fines and dont take much out of their budget to bust us.
7-do to the controvercy and politics of the mmj issue we're good to safely raise arrest numbers,get your name in the press(maybe get a raise or promo)
you all can think of more to add, we need people to write to the press to stop the few federal officers who are useing us to futher their own agenda.we're the bandstand their walking all over.we need more people to write their state reps
senators,and govenor.our biggest obstacle is ourselves.if this makes you mad write to a senator not this forum.
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