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WI: Rep. Kremer Pushing Industrial Hemp Legislation

Katelyn Baker

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A Wisconsin lawmaker is circulating a bill that he claims would reinvigorate the state's agriculture sector, while creating new manufacturing and tech opportunities by bringing industrial hemp back as a farm commodity. Rep. Jesse Kremer says he's been meeting with various state agencies and farm groups to provide growers an opportunity to grow the crop for profit.

"I am really excited to have had the opportunity to educate myself on this topic over the past six months," Kremer said. "The 59th Assembly District has a rich history of agricultural hemp production in the first half of the 20th century and processed industrial hemp in Hartford for the war department. Today, the future is bright for this commodity--new jobs, increased tax revenue, brand new tech industries and agricultural growth."

The Kewaskum Republican says imports of hemp on a national level have reached $500 million dollars annually. The plant helps make products ranging from hemp fiber auto panels to the replacement of Kevlar in bullet proof vests. Industrial hemp is also used as an alternative fuel and motor oil, as well as other uses like seed and industrial hemp oil in snack foods, body care products, and food supplements.

The 2014 Farm Bill gave states permission to begin research on industrial hemp, a material that is stronger than carbon fiber.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau recently adopted a policy that will support the effort.

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