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Wicked Nurse's DWC OG Grow summer 11


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First time grower!

So about ten days ago I got 4 rooted OG kush clones, which I believe are hybrid, no idea percentages. I have them under a 125w CFL supposedly dual spectrum hydrofarm light, so far 24 hours a day. I'm a little iffy from what I've read about whether or not I'll significantly increase my yield by adding a small hps fixture.

The grow is set up in an 18 gal sterilite container with the original rockwool plugs they came in transferred to net baskets with hydroton. There are 2 six inch airstones with a 50gal rated airpump. It's in my (extra) bathroom and we have a local humidity of about 60%, I can usually tell its slightly higher humidity when I sit in there with the girls, but I'm not monitoring it.

Currently I'm using lucas formula made from floranova bloom at 875ppm in tap water that's sat for 24 hours. I have RO available, and I use that when I top up, but at 1gal/2hours it would take forever to use only RO! PH is high out of the tap, I'm using homemade pH down, H2SO4 per advice in regular gardening forums and previous dwc experience with tomatoes and onions. I'm limited by having no extra cash for the foreseeable future to using pH drops, which only have a range of 7.6-6.0, so I've been relying on what I can pull out of my chemistry education to steer me and pray that my calculations for the apx. 15 gal I have in my reservoir are correct.

So far, no real problems have arisen. The first couple days I had some signs of nute lockout, but I was following all the advice I'd read and diluted my pH down in an extra 500ml water to 3.3% by weight as well as waiting 24 hours between each adjustment which simply turned out to be too conservative with the tablespoon increments I originally used. Once I got back to 6.0, everything has been pretty well.

I do notice that my new growth is lighter green but as it grows and gains size, it gets darker. Never grown or really been around weed before (except in it's cured state) so I'm not sure if thats normal but it's still growing so I haven't worried.

Planning on going into 12/12, probably tomorrow after mixing up some new newts as I've noticed those lovely tiny preflowers along many nodes. I've been LSTing the girls, tying the stems gently down with ropes to increase the development of my lower nodes and plan on adding a screen sometime next week.


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The ladies

I accidentally topped the one in the upper left corner while trying to do some training, oops. My real question I suppose is which should become the mother and move to her own bucket? Any ideas?
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Thanks Be, however it says I may not post attachments and the image was 904kb? The photo didn't show when I followed these instructions, I figured it was because of the attach step. Been in forums before where noobs weren't allowed attachments and just thought it was because it was my first post that nothing showed so I went back and edited out the script for it.

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Welcome Wicked Nursie, good start with your grow.

I wouldn't take any of them out of rotation to make a mother. Cut an excess tip for a clone, and she should be ready to produce by the time these babies are done and need to be replaced. Genetics doesn't dilute nor weaken from vegetative reproduction. My working moms are many regenerations from the original seed.

That lighter green of the new growth is entirely normal, and speaks clearly of healthy happy plants in good conditions. Don't stress yourself over petty pH readings. With typical hydroponic nutes, chelates minimize problems. Not measuring pH is my personal technique for not perspiring over numbers. You may get an ugly leaf or two but if new growth is still robust, don't panic and do something stupid :)


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Hey it's nice to have a nurse around this joint ! Sup girl these are looking bee-A-u-tee-ful! I'm in if you got a seat left!


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Thanks guys! The more the merrier.

@Propa: I thought I read/saw in a documentary that taking clones of clones of clones increased the likelihood of hermaphroditism, even under minimal stress conditions, although it may have been about seeds from cloned clones? Can you point me in the direction of more info?

Thanks also for the pH info! I'm an anxious and meticulous person usually so I figured pH would be my number I'd let myself focus on since it seemed so important in the beginning of my readings, but I can see I need to look at the whole picture first.

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aye welcome wicked nurse nice stains ya got there:cheer:.. Us first time dwc'ers gotta stick together bro..lol you can have a look into the fiture by checking out my grow im day 2 into flower..what kinda nute regimen are ya running..?

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Your OG 'clones' are likely available only as 'clones' with who-knows how many regenerations. Cheese was/is a strain multiplied a gazillion times before anybody produced stable seed from it.
Here's an interesting post, with instructions for chemical STS sex-change. Electrolysis is another way to get a colloidal silver solution.
Growing Fem Autoberry Seeds! post #12 on this thread, sorry if I was unable to link the exact post :)
Hermies happen naturally, I think. They happen more frequently from silver treated fem-seed plants, without the tedious stabilization work by a breeder.
I've grown hermies from bag seed, but never from seed-bank aquired feminized seed or cuttings from. 'Cloning' is a bastard term for normal propagation as done in plant nurseries, when applied to cannabis. There is no magic. Vegetative propagation extends continued life, with no DNA changes. This is proven in large commercial nurseries who create millions of identical plants to order. These plants range from orchids to ground-cover or tree-farm forests.
When you can invest $25 to know, buy Plants From Test Tubes by Lydiane Kyte & John Kleyn.

Bad pH can ruin or kill your garden, but the range of OK variability is fairly large. Many growers confuse their personal anecdotes with general fact.
Keep good air (temps, humidity, CO2) moving through the foliage, and enough water often enough. Cannabis is as tough as any weed, and fails most often from too much 'love' by inexperienced growers. Let it grow ;)


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Oh yes che, we do indeed. I've grown other plants using dwc, so I'm hoping that translates over somehow. It's my only other successful attempt at growing green things besides this years outside garden which is also thriving. (Who knew container plants like water every day in my climate? Why would I ask questions when everyone says it grows "like a weed" and "you can't mess it up?" lol) It's definitely faster growth, which keeps me and my generational add occupied better!

Thanks gator. I was just worrying a bit because most of the ideal range for my plants is under the range of my indicator kit, but I'm relaxing into it as the buffering effect of the chemical mixtures seems to be doing it's intended job, and my grasp of chemistry lets me tweak what little I feel needs tweaking.

I'm using GH floranova bloom per the lucas formula (4-8-7) recommendations.
Right now I'm at about 8ml per gallon or 775ppm, with a tablespoon of epsom salt and just 1/2 cup of my homemade pH down.

I'm a little iffy on how fast a schedule to use to increase my nutrients now that they're going into the 12/12 schedule, advice welcome!


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I like to move my nutrient ppm's up gradually, and prefer not to move up too fast depending on my knowledge of the strain I'm growing. Keep in mind that not all TDS meters calculate PPM's the same, and not all strains like the same PPM's. So it's hard to suggest hard/fast number recommendations, imo. But, here's an example of the nutrient schedule I used for a recent DWC hydro grow. Just my approach, rooted in suggestions from nutrient company. I deviated slightly along the way as the plants dictated, which isn't noted on this sheet -- but not too much. Should give you an idea of one approach.

This schedule is specific to DM nutes, and is for a small, 8 gallon reservoir. I've pushed the upper limits of the PPMs a bit higher in the next grow, and did hit the ceiling once or twice with a little bit of burn on a few tips. Just look at it for the PPM pattern more than anything. Again, just one persons approach.



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Great start! Love the LST. I'm a fan of it.


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Sorry been off taking care of sick family members for awhile before coming down with the lovely virus myself.

Back in the game, I'm thankful the plants are pretty much self maintenance beyond the odd refill between reservoir changes. Did some trimming day before yesterday to get rid of big leaves blocking potential bud sites, then a few more today.


Day 15 of 12/12

I've been using the trimmings for a tincture after drying them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200f. I'm using vodka and a dark cupboard, so we'll see in a few weeks which "expert" is correct about the THCa distribution throughout the plant and whether my conversion is sufficient.

Also, can anyone give me any advice about which trimmings and when to take them for ice water hash? Thanks for everything so far guys!

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Congrats your survival from bad bug attack, and the miracle of timed pumps from a res!

My belief has been that all THC is in the trichomes, but I could be wrong. I used to soak bunk in water, leaching away chlorophyl and sugar to leave better tasting bunk that sometimes would give me a buzz, but...
I now grow quality genetics in larger numbers, and save dried trim in a big bag. Someday I may bubble bag it or dry sift, but I have plenty primo buds on hand.

Generally, the large lower fan leaves are worthless unless you juice them like wheat grass, for similar benefit. Upper leaves and bud trimmings are smokable when dry. With a jeweler's loupe, trichomes are easily seen. That's the material to concentrate from :)

PS- A re-look at above photo reveals no hint of trichomes to my eye. Do what you want, but... not yet.

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