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Widownest’s Soil Royal Gorilla Fem, Amnesia Haze Auto & Dinamed CBD Auto - 2018


Photo of the Month: April 2018

Welcome to Widownest’s second journal!
I have a diverse lineup that I’m very excited to get going and I’m glad that I can share it with all of you here. Please feel free to ask questions, question my methods, share your point of view, and point me in the right direction.
Just so we’re all on the same page these girls aren’t being started all at once. Stick around from the start or check back in when your favourite one gets rolling (not rolled). The Amnesia Haze auto is 10 days old. The Royal Gorilla will be started in 5 days, and the Dinamed CBD auto will be germinated in 3-4 weeks.

So let’s get going then. Here’s all the details:
Crop King Seeds Amnesia Haze Autoflower
Sativa Dominant
Lemon Haze x Ruderalis
10 days since seed in water. Still in veg.

Royal Queen Seeds Royal Gorilla Fem
50/50 Sativa/Indica
Slur Dubb x Chem Sis
Planting in 5 days

Dinafem Dinamed CBD Autoflower
60/40 Indica/Sativa (taken from website)
Dinamed CBD x Critical + Auto
Planting in 3-4 weeks

-All plants are grown in Promix Organic ‘soil’ mixed at 5/2 with perlite.

-There will be one each of the Autoflowers and they will be in 3 gallon fabric pots.

-There will be 2-3 Royal Gorillas and they will be in 5 gallon fabric pots

-The Autoflowers will be under a Growant GR240 and 2 Mars ECO 49’s after being germinated under T5 LEDs. Total actual power draw = 280watts.

-The Royal Gorillas will also be germinated and vegged under the T5 LEDs and will then flower in a separate tent under a 210w draw power LED light.

-The grow room is in a cold storage so keeping it cool is not an issue. Both tents run at 25-26C during the day and go down to 21C at night.

- The humidity is typically 30-50% but will spike if there’s a lot of rain outside.

-I found a single fungus gnat last night and have since surrounded all of my plants with sticky traps.

-Using the Advanced nutrients Ph perfect line:
-Sensi Grow A and B
-Connoisseur Bloom A and B
-Big Bud

That about covers everything for now. If I missed anything or if there’s something that you must know just shout it out! I hope you guys enjoy the journey.

Be back shortly with a 10 day run down on the CKS Amnesia Haze.


Photo of the Month: April 2018
The Crop King Seeds Amnesia Haze went into the water 10 days ago on May 17th. Here she is after being put in the paper towel for 16 hours.
She was in spring water for 14 hours and then germinated using the paper towel method at 24C for another 24 hours before developing a substantial tap root and being planted in a 3 gallon fabric pot.

Here she is at day 3, her first day above dirt.
She had half of a cut water bottle on her for the first 4 days to keep the humidity up. She was then watered and again 2 days later with 1/8th strength Voodoo Juice.
Yesterday she got 1/8th strength Voodoo, Sensi A and B, and B-52. After doing pretty much nothing for a week and starting to fade a bit in colour yesterday she responded really well to the light dose of nutrients and has kicked it into gear.
As I’m still running my other journal and summer seems to eat up a lot of my ‘me’ time I’ll be doing my updates on the weekly. I’ll still be around during the week to chit chat and lend a helping hand so don’t wait for an update to comment. See you soon!


Photo of the Month: April 2018
The Amnesia Haze is back one week later and is looking great. She was topped 2 days ago and is still receiving 1/8 strength grow nutrients every second water.
The plant is really thriving under the Growant light. It’s set just over 2 feet above the Haze.

I don’t have any more height in this tent so there will be a lot of training taking place in the next few weeks. Thanks @GROWant for being a sponsor and for providing such a great prize!

The Royal Gorillas have been pushed back a week as the girls in my flower tent are taking their sweet time. They’ll be dropping into water this coming Thursday. That’s it for this week, thanks for stopping buy.


Photo of the Month: April 2018
Welcome back. We finally get a break from the rain and get a nice sunny weekend!
The Amnesia Haze doesn’t care, she gets to lounge around in the sun all day everyday. Today she’s at day 23.
Yesterday she surprised me by showing her flowers. I thought she’d go another couple of weeks before starting to put on the sticky. She’s still getting 1/8 strength Sensi Grow A and B, B-52, and CalMag every second watering.
The Royal Gorillas went into water 2 days ago and into moist paper towels yesterday. I won’t peek at them until later today when I assume their tap roots will be there to greet me. If all goes well I’ll post some pics of them tomorrow. :peace:


Photo of the Month: April 2018
So here’s the Royal Gorillas after 16 hours in water and another 24 hours later wrapped comfortably in paper towels.
They’ve gone into plastic seedling pots with Promix Organic and Perlite at a 5-2 ratio.
They were then covered with cut up water bottles to help maintain the humidity. They are sitting next to the Amnesia Haze under the Growant until they break ground, then they’ll be put under a T5HO.
After a few SCROG’s these Royal Gorillas will be my first attempt at mainlining. That’s it for now, see you next week!


Photo of the Month: April 2018
These girls popped way faster than I thought so a quick entry. They have all broken through the soil within 64 hours of being dropped into a cup of water. I’m pretty happy even though ones a helmet head :)
They’re now sitting under a humidity dome sharing light from the Mars and Growant. Once the dome comes off I’ll give them some T5 lighting, it was getting too hot using them with the dome.


Photo of the Month: April 2018
Welcome back!
Here are the Royal Gorillas at day 10
They’re sitting under 2 2 foot T5HO’s and are doing quite well. Watering every 2 to 3 days.

And here’s the Amnesia Haze going on day 31
I’m starting to have an issue with the lower fan leaves. My Ph meter has been acting up and I suspect that could have led to issues in the soil. They’ve been getting 1/8th strength grow nutrients every second water until their last one, which was switched over to Bloom nutes at 1/4 strength.

I will flush tonight and will hopefully be back next week with a happier plant.
Hope all is well in your world.

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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