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Ok the other day I was chillin with my boy. I had a couple O's on me and he had as well. We traded zips and decided to roll a Swisher Grape Blunt. The two strains were " EL NINO & THE PURPS " rolled atleast 2grams in the blunt.

Well we smoked the whole blunt and let me tell you, my head was spinningggggg.. having slight visuals, felt really drunk and body felt extremely tingly. Heavily disoriented ( not sure if thats spelled right ) lol...

So my cousin who wasn't smoking at the time drove me back home. Well let me tell you driving through downtown San Diego looking for the Wienerschnitzel was fun for me in the passenger seat. All the lights were streaming, having Dejavu like crazyyyyyy.

Well we got to the Wienerschnitzel and I was trippinnnn... if you've ever seen a Wienerschnitzel it looks like a barn. And the roof of the barn is almost to the floor. I was laughing so hard because I was like " Its a midget barn " - :laugh2:

A picture of the " MIDGET BARN " hahaha.



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Well it was funny when I was high.

I have not gone past Corning, we dont have one in Chico... so when I make my trips back home to SD I stop at the one in Yuba City right off the 99'
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